Heavily modified bravo v2

A Review On: Bravo Audio Tube Amplifier - V2

Bravo Audio Tube Amplifier - V2

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Pros: Everything

Cons: Stock components suck, the design is not optimal.

I got this small amp from a local marketplace. It sounds OK when I got it, too warm, almost no treble.

After I got the schematic and tips from google I did some mods with this baby and now it sings!


What I did:

1. Cut some traces for crosstalk improvement

2. Make better grounding, measure voltage difference between in and out, make sure its not more than 1mV

3. Change the power supply filter cap to low ESR Panasonic 3300uF, 35V

4. Change 2 output caps to low ESR Panasonic 2200uF, 25V

5. Change 2 N Channel Mosfet to IRL510

6. Install 2 5K ohm pots and adjust tube biasing to 13.5V.

7. Install ferrites clamp on the power supply cable


I'm using it with my DT880 600 ohm, it beats XCAN V8 when I compare it in my local "fancy" hifi store. The owner of the shop was really surprised when I said the price was 60$ + 20$ for extra components.


Consider making a tutorial.
I agree, make a tutorial of the processed you used.
Hi guys, if you search more in rockgroto and this forum you will for sure find lots of tutorial about this amp. Even a pdf version complete with frequency response.

Your giving it 5 starts based on it's heavily modified state, which is misleading. Not everyone is able or willing to buy a product that needs several modifications to reach it's potential. The review should be on the product as your received it...