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Bravo Audio Tube Amplifier - V2 Reviews

Positive Reviews

YoYo JoKeR

Bravo Audio V2: Well Performing & Economical Tube Amp


Pros: Clear Sonic Presentation, Rolling Capability, Driving Power, Value

Cons: Heat Emission, Open Case

Me: I am a 21 year old student living in a small town in India. I would like to call myself a music enthusiast, rather than an audiophile. I was inspired by music since childhood, and as the time passed, the passion of music grew in me, and that subsequently led me to join Head-Fi. Eventually, I found the pleasure of listening to music mainly by the HD600 and recently, by the seductive LCD2 headphones, and realized the true components of recorded music. I usually like to listen to Indian Classical Music along with Bollywood songs. My main listening genres include classical, vocal, instrumental, jazz and sometimes pop.  With time, my sonic preferences have very much grown. I...
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Heavily modified bravo v2


Pros: Everything

Cons: Stock components suck, the design is not optimal.

I got this small amp from a local marketplace. It sounds OK when I got it, too warm, almost no treble. After I got the schematic and tips from google I did some mods with this baby and now it sings!   What I did: 1. Cut some traces for crosstalk improvement 2. Make better grounding, measure voltage difference between in and out, make sure its not more than 1mV 3. Change the power supply filter cap to low ESR Panasonic 3300uF, 35V 4. Change 2 output caps to low ESR Panasonic 2200uF, 25V 5. Change 2 N Channel Mosfet to IRL510 6. Install 2 5K ohm pots and adjust tube biasing to 13.5V. 7. Install ferrites clamp on the power supply cable   I'm using it with...
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Negative Reviews


Great, until it stopped working


Pros: Good sound at a low price. Lots of easy modifications.

Cons: Started making static noises after about 6 months. Failed completely not long after.

I enjoyed the sound from the Bravo Audio v2 amp, while it was working.  Driving PSB M4U-2 headphones (with internal amp off), the sound was relatively open and uncolored.  I found the two LEDs annoying and would have preferred to see only the tube's warm glow as a pilot light.  Unfortunately for me, my unit started making static noises about 6 months in; the blue LED would flicker with the static.  Two months later, the unit is completely dead.  Only an occasional small pop comes out.  I guess you get what you pay for.

Class A? I give it a D minus


Pros: Price, looks, size

Cons: Hum is audible over music at only 45% volume, rendering it unusable past this point. Died on me after only 20hrs of use. Poor support.

Edit: My V2 has recently began to produce a constant pulsating static noise that persists as soon as it's warmed up, and never goes away. It is loud enough to be audible over music, but does not seem to get louder with volume (like the hum). The issue persists even with volume all the way down. I am currently in communication with Bravo support (Henry) via email about this.   Edit2: Henry sent me a replacement power supply but both issues persist. After filing a dispute in paypal he has given me a full refund. He failed to respond to me until I filed the dispute. A bad product with poor support, I do not recommend buying anything from Bravo Audio.   Edit3: Due to the...
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More Reviews


Solid beginner quasi-DIY amp that requires mods


Pros: Affordable; attractive aesthetically; sounds decent with mods

Cons: "Pseudo-tube" amp; requires mods to sound decent (low quality stock components)

The Bravo V2 is an attractive and inexpensive "pseudo-tube/hybrid" amp that is easily accessible to beginner DIYers if modifications are desired (which they definitely are as I will expand on later).    I'll review both the stock unit as well as modified amp although the star rating is for the stock unit. The modded unit would be a 3.5 - 4 star rating.   Build/Design   The V2 is a small desktop amp (8 x 8 x 3.5 cm approximately) with exposed sides and a clear plexiglass top and bottom plate. It is very attractive and easy to access for mods, but that's where the build/design strengths end. The PCB is very cheap and the stock components are very cheap. For...
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Excellent Budget-Fi hybrid tube/ss entry level amp


Pros: Inexpensive, easy to tube roll

Cons: The stock tube really sucks

In the world of Budget-Fi audio, there is a relatively small set of amplifiers that can be purchased for under $100 USD, and an even smaller set of amplifiers in that price range that are hybrid tube amps. The Bravo V2 is one of those amps. It can be purchase on auction from eBay for about $50-55 (depending on how many people are bidding), or at a fixed price of $69 from either Amazon.com or eBay (the seller/manufacturer on eBay ships from China and charges $16 for shipping that takes about 2 weeks to the US).   By many accounts, this device was designed using DIY project specifications readily available on the Internet, which have existed for some time. Those who purport to know...
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Bravo Audio Tube Amplifier


Pros: Good quality build and sound quality

Cons: None..built for its purpose and does it well

I use the Bravo tube amplifier as a pre-amp on my jaycar power amplificator and it has revolutionised the sound output.  Whereas before the sound was sctrachy and the max volume low, the system now works brilliantly.  Vey happy customer and would recmmmend to anyone who wishes to purchase a headphone amplifier or pre-amp.
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