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Brainwavz S5 In Ear Headphones Reviews

Positive Reviews


Brainwavz S5, We're Catching You GR07.


Pros: Good detail, non fatiguing mids, natural (unique timbre) Build quality.

Cons: Lower treble a little too forward / slightly one noted, cable a little weighty / springy.

Brainwavz are at it again with their new 10mm dynamic driver based IEM named "S5".  I must say I was intrigued to try the new sample and where they'd come from Brainwavs B2 I owned many months ago (and loved). S5 takes on an a new elegant design, rather modern appearance and although a little larger than we've seen still fits the bill nicely with its stealth looking housings. But how does it sound? Well, let's take a look as I think it sounds pretty good. Let me start off by saying I'd like to thank Brainwavs for the sample it's been a wonderful experience.       Specs:  ...
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Great value for excellent comfort and isolation


Pros: Comfort, accessories and sound

Cons: Non removable cable which is flat...

I´m a 38 year old father of 2 children who has a wife that is totally against anything that isn´t music out of the carstereo. I have been forced to take my HIFI from Cerwin Vega, B&W and KEF speakers to portable audio and headphones to save my marriage. I was given the chance to review the Brainwavz S5 and this review is based on my subjective listening experience and is not influenced by anything but the gear I have at my disposal and the music I´m listing too. In this review, and all review I do, I use the same tracklist and listen for specific things in the tracks. I listen to different genres and try to keep a good mix of different types of music and sounds. All tracks are...
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A nice all-rounder that will please consumers, but not discerning audiophiles.


Pros: Clarity, detail, Good for almost all genres

Cons: A bit unrefined, Somewhat artificial sounding

Before I begin, I’d like to thank shotgunshane for the opportunity to review these new headphones.   My first experience with Brainwavz was when I picked up their M4 a couple of years ago. I was impressed with the company’s effort for being so young and how accessible their CEO was, asking customers for their input and helping them personally with issues they had with their headphones. Since then, I’ve purchased their S1 and while they weren’t my personal kind of sound signature, I liked the tough build quality and the ergonomics. I thought it would be nice if they made an IEM that had the same build quality, but a more detailed and clear sound. To my excitement, the S5 seemed to...
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Negative Reviews


Brainwavz S5 Quick Review


Pros: Weighty and potently heavy bass. Solid construction.

Cons: Bass dominates and mids lack any air or presence.

Brainwavz S5 Quick Review   Thanks to mp4nation for the sample.   Full Review at http://www.head-fi.org/t/730586/brainwavz-s5-review   Brief:  Where the only thing flat about them is the cable.   Price:  US$100 or £60 at today’s exchange rates.   Specification:  Transducers/Drivers: Dynamic, 10mm, Rated Impedance: 16ohms Closed, Dynamic, Sensitivity: 110dB at 1mW, Frequency range: 18Hz ~ 24kHz, Distortion: <= 0.3% @ 110dB, Channel balance: =< 1dB (at 1000Hz), Rated input power: 20mW, Maximum input power: 40mW, Plug: 3.5 mm 45-degree gold plated, Cable length: 1.3 meters Y cord (CU/Ag) PUR, 1 year warranty, Dimensions (Packaging): 160...
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The Best Built IEM That You Shouldn't Buy


Pros: Build Quality

Cons: Mid-Bass Hump That Bleeds Into the Midrange

Brainwavz S5 IEM Review:   Disclosure:   I was provided a set of Brainwavz S5 IEMs free of charge in exchange for my honest review.  That is what follows below.  Feel free to ask any questions in the comments.     My Preferences:   When it comes to IEM’s I own several pairs, and I prefer the sound of a balanced armature drivers.  I love an IEM that is neutral with a hint (+3db or so) of bass boost to add some warmth to it, as well as an IEM that provides good detail retrieval.  I am treble sensitive, and really don’t care for any IEM that gets sibilant, or that has a large treble spike.   My go to IEM’s are my re-shelled CIEM...
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S1 Revisited


Pros: Bass is more than being okay. Treble performance also offers some. Bass & Treble are better than R1, the acoustic is better than M2-M4-M5

Cons: Could be better on acoustics. Not much improvement over S1. Acoustic of mids inferior to R1.

you know the original price of this one, a rock solid $100. can you feel it ? yees, there's a bad review is coming... let's take a look at what brainwavz says for it's own product, one thing comes forward: "smooth bass". there was a "powerful bass" for the S1. so this is what S5 suppose to deliver: "smooth bass". so, is that true ? i can say yes, there's a very very very small difference between this two basses. the S5's bass is a little "crippled" compared to S1. there's nothing more to say about this. it's completely unnecessary, weird "feature". but despite this, it's bass performance still one of the top performers, so there's not much to complain.   now, let's continue...
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More Reviews


Fun sound but somewhat dated


Pros: Fun, wide soundstage, midrange timbre, included accessories

Cons: lacks final refinement that could be already expected at the price, somewhat metallic treble, equal or better IEMs can be found for less nowadays

              Preamble: Recently, Brainwavz’ Pandora reached out to me and asked whether I was interested in reviewing their S5 dynamic driver in-ears or not. Although they are the flagship model of the S series and Brainwavz has released some solid quality products with a good price-performance ratio in the past, I would have probably rejected the offer if I hadn’t read a quite positive German test report of that particular in-ear not too long ago, as flat cables are one thing I really dislike about in-ears. Having the positive comments on its sound in mind, I just had to convince myself not to hate the S5’s flat cable too much and to...
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d marc0

You get more than what you paid for!


Pros: Well balanced sound and excellent build quality at an affordable price!

Cons: The flat rubbery cable may be less desirable to some.

Brainwavz S5 Review: You get more than what you paid for!     My first experience with Brainwavz was the R3 and to be honest, I really like them despite the negative reception from most users regarding fit and comfort. The R3 sounded mature, well refined, and the timbre was just mesmerising. Now Brainwavz has just released the S5 and I am fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to review their new offering. So lets find out if the new S5 can impress me just as much as my last experience...   SETUP:  Colorfly C3 > JDS Labs C5D                iMac 2011 > JDS Labs C5D            ...
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Solid All Rounder


Pros: Good clarity & detail and suitable for most genres.

Cons: Treble bit metalic and grainy sounding , flat cable too wide

Brainwavz Intro ABOUT US Brainwavz provides high-end earphones specifically designed for high-quality sound and tailor-made to provide the user with a solution that can be used across a wide range of audio genres and styles at affordable prices. Brainwavz believes in the idea that sound is a deeply personal experience, and strives to provide users with earphones that match their personal inclinations, to inspire with intensity. The Brainwavz name is known in many countries across the globe, and the company is continually committed to providing the best products at the best value. At Brainwavz we have a simple mission, to produce innovative, high quality audio products with a dedicated...
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Good all rounder


Pros: Excellent built and good soundstage

Cons: Bass can be overwhelming

First of all I'd like to thank Brainwavz and Audrey for giving me a chance to check out the Brainwavz S5 IEM.   Built and accessories: There's already multiple reviews of the Brainwavz S5 here on Head-Fi describing the accessories and built on them so I just cut it short and conclude that the accessory pack is very good with many tips to choose from and a great zippered case to store them in when not in use. Built quality is also top notch and the only thing I'm missing is an L-plug instead of the straight one.   The S5 is easy to drive and works great out of portable devices.   I've let them play for over 100 hours and I've used them while travelling, while working...
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A Really Solid Budget Earphone


Pros: Great bass, very comfortable, well made

Cons: Treble has some holes, flat cable behaves strangely

Overview   The Brainwavz S5 is a new IEM priced at around $100 and is getting a lot of exposure thanks to a concerted effort from Brainwavz to push out review units to reviewers just like me. Thank you to Audrey and the Brainwavz team for arranging this pair of S5s for me to review at no charge. I'm really glad that they've decided to make this push too because Brainwavz have never been on my radar, but the S5 is a surprising package that has me seriously interested in their future offerings.   Specifications   Driver:  1 x 10mm dynamic Impedance:  16 ohms Frequency range:  18 - 24,000 Hz Sensitivity:  110 dB at 1 mW   Design &...
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Brainwavz S5: Sold on Solid


Pros: Build Quality - Smooth Signature - Good Accessories

Cons: Flat cable may bother some - Somewhat nondescript

Greetings Head-fi!   Today we are going to be checking out the S5 from Brainwavz, an earphone that really doesn't need much of an introduction at this point.   The S5 was released in 2014 to a mostly positive reception and has been heavily reviewed since, getting an average of 4 out of 5 starts over 49 reviews on Head-fi.org, and an average of 3.75 stars out of 5 over 175 reviews on Amazon.com. The newest revision released in 2015 has addressed some of the concerns reviewers raised, adding an inline mic and toning down the chunky y-split with the more sleek, yet no less durable, split found on their S0 model.   With these minor updates and a 99 USD price tag, how does...
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Brainwavz gives the old S5 a twist by adding a on cable remote!


Pros: Acessories, built in remote, bass has some nice rumble to it

Cons: Flat cable will become bothersome, a tiny bit of grain on the upper mids

  Hello, once again I’m here to talk with you about an interesting set of IEM. This time we have a really interesting rework of an existing Brainwavz model, the S5! And why is this a rework? Well because with this updated version Brainwavz decided that it would be interesting to add a remote to their already pretty well known S5 IEM. While the remote only grants full compatibility with iOs devices, the addition of it is pretty neat, because it allows you to take control of your music on the go. They also have packaged Comply Foam tips as an added bonus, so we think this package will be really interesting to have a look at.   Unboxing and video review    ...
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The Party Pills


Pros: Amazing for EDM. Looks great. Feels great.

Cons: Minor driver flex issue. Too warm for certain tracks. Flat cable is iffy.

Intro TL;DR: The Brainwavz S5 is loud, bass-heavy, energetic, and a lot of fun to listen to -- just the ticket for any EDM lover.   Before I begin, huge thanks to Audrey (@Salsera) for providing a sample of the Brainwavz S5 in exchange for my honest opinion. My deepest gratitude goes out to her and the guys over at Brainwavz. But let me remind you that I was neither paid to write this review, nor am I an affiliate of Brainwavz or any of its staff. Any and all opinions expressed in this review are strictly my own unless otherwise specified, and these opinions should be treated as nothing more than that. Finally, my impressions of the S5 in this review might conflict with yours;...
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Brainwavz S5 - Warm, Detailed with some Sparkle


Pros: Warm, deep rich smooth bass, mids are not recessed, treble has some sparkle to it, very detailed, aluminum build, great accessories.

Cons: Competes with too many titans at $100 price point, treble spikes, metallic mids overall, not neutral, no detachable cables.

Ready for a repeat? Good, because the "short list" of Pros/Cons is too short. I wanted to provide a bit more in that regard. So here's a longer Pro/Con list that should sum it up better as there's a lot going on here:   Pros: Warm, deep rich smooth bass, mids are not recessed with the bass presence in a significant way, treble has some sparkle to it, very detailed, good separation of channels, solid aluminum build (metal), flat wires that do not tangle and birds-nest easily, great assortment of accessories (case, tons of tips, 1/4" adapter), very efficient and will run from any source.   Cons: Competes with too many well established IEM's at the $100 price point, treble can...
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Brainwavz Zoning In: The Enjoyable S5


Pros: Well done mixture of likable sound qualities. Good comfort. Solid build quality.

Cons: More rubbery cable sheath not the best for noise and cable weight never lets you forget it is there. Gray tips may hurt air and clarity.

Brainwavz have been around since 2008 and have been working on providing improved and more original products as time has gone on. If you are familiar with the last round of Brainwavz offerings it was easy to see how they were improving and what they were attempting to try design-wise. We did see a very wide range of products from the brand in the Delta, S1, and R3. Fairly unique from each other in design, sound, and price. They have now introduced the S5 model priced at ~$99 with an excellent blend of sound traits, design, and quality. Many thanks to Audrey for sending me a pair of the S5.   The S5 page:  http://www.yourbrainwavz.com/s5.html     Specification...
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