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Solid Build and Great Sounding IEM

A Review On: Brainwavz S1

Brainwavz S1

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Firstly, like to thank Audrey from Brainwavz for supplying a S1 to review.
Packaging, Accessories and Build Quality
The S1 comes in a stylish box with a magnetic closure. It comes with a good amount of accessories which include 6 Pairs of Silicone ear tips (S, M, L), 1 set of Bi Flange and 1 Set of triple flanged ear tips. Also included is a pair of comply foam tips, an air plane adapter and a nice clamshell zipper case.
2014-06-30+10.30.26.jpgThe most notable feature of these earphones is the flat cable. This helps resist tangling and aid in less pulling when wearing it over the ear. I felt that the cable was a tad thick on the ear, and you can certainly feel that when it is wrapped around your ear. The housings are made from aluminium giving them good strength as well as remaining very light. The tip canal is angled to sit better in the ear and this helps make the S1 a very comfortable IEM. With the great range of tips, find the best solution is very easy, and isolation was good as well.
 Sound Quality
Before the review, I had given the S1 at least 50 hours of burn-in. There were some small changes, mainly in the treble area: Out of the box, there was some sibilance, though, after the burn in period, it almost disappeared. Also, the treble got a bit smoother, and it now extends better. The bass has now a bit more weight and body, and like the treble, it extends better too.
The sound-signature is, warm and smooth, with a good amount of bass. I get relaxed with the S1 sound signature, because it’s not fatiguing at all, I can listen to it for a very long time without getting bored or tired of it.
Bass: S1’s bass is very punchy, and even though it uses a dynamic driver, it tends to be quite fast. It’s very accurate and well controlled and textured. Also, the fact that the whole sound-signature is balanced doesn't mean that the bass lacks body, vice versa, it has a full body and it has enough weight to feel natural and real. The drums presentation is very unique in its naturalness and realism.
Mids: The mids aren't laid back but they aren't forward either; they’re quite neutral. They are very clean, clear and accurate, managing to reproduce impressive detail layers.
S1-3.jpgTreble: The treble has very good extension, which gets even better after the burn in. Before the burn in, there was a lot of sibilance, but it got away when the S1 had passed the 50 hours of burn in. After the burn in, it got a lot smoother and non-fatiguing. Like the mids, the treble is detailed and clear, but you feel that bass was more important in the design of this earphone. Still pretty good sound overall.
The S1 is available from a number retailers, for about $59.50 For that price, I think they’re a great pair of IEM’s that offer fantastic sound quality. I would love to see a microphone/mobile version in the future, as I think more and more people are using their phones for listening these days. I consider these a very good all round earphone.
  • Drivers Dynamic, 10mm
  • Rated Impedance 16 Ω
  • Frequency Range 20Hz ˜ 20kHz
  • Sensitivity 93 dB @ 1 mW
  • Max Input Power 2 mW
  • Cable 1.3m, Y-Cord OFC Copper
  • Plug 3.5mm Gold Plated
  • Fitting Over Ear Style

Contents & Accessories

  • Foam Tips Comply S-Series (x1)
  • Silicone Tips Standard S,M,L (x6)
  • Silicone Tips Bi-Flange (x1)
  • Silicone Tips Tri-Flange (x1)
  • Airplane Adapter x1
  •   Hard Case x1
  •   Manual x1
  •   Warranty x1 (12 Months)


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