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Brainwavz R3 Dual Dynamic Driver Earphones Reviews

Positive Reviews


Updated R3 design (no more memory wire)


Pros: build quality, included accessories, great sound separation

Cons: cable, would prefer memory wire back, fitment

This is a review of Brainwavz R3 dual driver headphones. http://www.yourbrainwavz.com/r3.html - an updated version of R3 model originally released about 8-9 months ago. Usually when I look for in-ear headphones I try to stay away from oddly shaped "objects" that will affect the fitment and create discomfort. I'm more used to a traditional cylindrical shape design with a wire down config or a fancier bean shape design with a wire up behind the ear fitment. When I was offered an opportunity to review Brainwavz dual dynamic driver R3 headphones and looked through some of the pictures, I was intrigued by their shape because I wasn't sure if it could fit my ears. Shaped like something you put...
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Negative Reviews


Brainwavz R3 - Unique "Industrial" Design - But How Did They Get The Cable So Wrong?


Pros: Clarity, over-all sonic signature, soundstage, build quality, accessories, value

Cons: Cable (worst I've ever come across), slight imbalance beteen upper and lower mids, fit

Introducing Brainwavz very uniquely designed dual dynamic IEM   Brainwavz R3 (Comply Tips) Brainwavz R3 Dual Dynamic IEM I've been lucky enough recently to start reviewing for a few IEM and earbud manufacturers.  Raz from MP4 Nation PM'd me a month ago, and asked if I'd be interested in listening to, and reviewing, the new Brainwavz R3 dual dynamic driver IEM. This is one I was really looking forward to for a variety of reasons:   [a] I previously owned and very much enjoyed Brainwavz B2 (dual BA) IEMs , and also their HM5 full sized headphones.   [b] Brainwavz and MP4 Nation (in my personal experience) really try to look after...
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More Reviews


Interesting and Odd Design with Fairly Good, Pleasing Sound


Pros: Sound quality is pleasing, though not perfectly balanced or refined; Build quality; Accessories and tips; Fits better than expected

Cons: Odd design might not be comfortable for some, but most shouldn't have issues; Cable can be a bit unwieldy and annoying

Disclaimer: I received my R3s for free under the condition I would write a review for them. Purchase price reflects their going rate on a popular online retailer at the time of the review.   The Brainwavz R3 is certainly an interesting IEM in a few ways, but it's the overall design, shape, and style of fit that immediately stand out. I was a little unsure what to expect from a sound perspective, but I was definitely worried these would be impossible to wear comfortably, assuming I could fit them in my ears properly at all. In the end, I was pleasantly surprised in most areas.   Design, Fit, Comfort, Etc.   Admittedly, I had no clue how to wear these at first. I spent...
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Balanced airy sound with a bold design


Pros: Good sound for price, memory wire, bold design that works, good build quality, Comply's

Cons: memory wire too long, driver design may not fit all ears, slightly harshness at times

Introduction: Multi driver IEM’s are the talk when it comes to linear armature driver based units. But a dynamic driver based IEM having multiple drivers? Well here we are today with Brainwavz’s new dual dynamic driver in ear monitor. Armed with an acoustic and a bass driver, the piston shaped IEM seems ready to either take on the linear armature competition, or take on the competition for the most unique looking IEM. Whatever it is, the R3 is distinctive, new and different. Let’s take a look at how it is today.   Unit Quality: The unit I received is a pre-production sample. I was notified that some things with the unit itself was being changed possibly. This review will like to...
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Brainwavz R3 Quick Review


Pros: Oh its so sumptuously and delicately beautiful. Soundstage and scale.

Cons: If you want a V shaped party beast this is not it. The stupidly long memory wire!!!!

Brainwavz R3 Quick Review   Thanks to mp4nation for the sample.   Full review here http://www.head-fi.org/t/701034/brainwavz-r3-review   Brief:  Brainwavz do an epically scaled dual dynamic.   Price:  £79 or US$130 or €95   Specification:  Transducers/Drivers: Dual Dynamic, 10mm, Crossover: Passive, Rated Impedance: 32ohms, Sensitivity: 95dB at 1mW, Frequency range: 20Hz ~ 20KHz,   Maximum input power:  2mW, Cable length: 1.4m, Y cord, OFC Copper, professional grade memory cable., Plug: 3.5mm gold plated, 45 degree., 24 month warranty.   Accessories:  1 x Comply foam T-series tip 6 x Silicone tips 1 x...
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