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I don't enjoy giving bad reviews, but this one deserves it

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Brainwavz R1

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Pros: none

I just can't imagine anyone, no matter what music he/she enjoys, finding these to be a pleasant listen. FLAT, cardboard sound to my ears. Who likes flat sound? The fit is not good, as they are unbalanced and want to topple out of the ear. Please do not buy these, they are not good for your brainwaves


These were some of the LEAST flat headphones that I've ever heard. It was incredibly warm and bassy for me. I loved them. Dunno what might be wrong with yours.
Did you wear them cable down or cable up? If cable down, this might result in bad fit and seal.
i've used them on all kinds of pc sound cards and with/without the fiio e11 amp. i can say it was pretty much flat but most of the models around -regardless of the price range- are flat too so blaming R1 for this is not legitimate. as you can see the comments, people reacts different to frequency balance. if you don't like the flat sound, just use an equalizer feature like everyone :)
speaking about the frequency balance, there was like 5-6 desibels increment around 2khz frequency range on my R1 which was ruined most of the tracks i play. so if you feel any weirdness in the sound signature i can suggest to lower that frequency with your equalizer.
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