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A hit or miss at $35

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Brainwavz R1

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Pros: Soundstage/positioning, decent for instrumental music with a punch, deep and strong bass

Cons: Distorting, too much bass, sibilant, recessed mids, below average for rock and melody of different genres of music

Overall, I find these headphones eh for it's price. Comparing them to the Image S2m, they sound more expansive. On depth however, the S2m sound more full at equal volumes without an amp or EQ. The R1s lack clarity and quality when compared to the S2ms, but at higher volumes, can make up for their loss of depth, and with extra spacious sound, immediately become more deep. Bass is strong, sometimes even distorting the music, and parts of the mids sound recessed. Although sibilant at times, it's not intolerable. Using the EQ to increase it's mids and reduce a bit of the laws and a Fiio E6 (and switching from the Comply foams to the small silicone tips), the sound immediately became more depthful, and even sounded much better, and with better fit too. Overall, if you are used to full-sized headphones, these IEMs will disappoint. The sound signature is not for everyone, they are not balanced, and do not focus on the highs. They sound pretty poor at the sub-bass level, and can even get sibilant (although not as bad as the Image S4. At $35, I cannot complain too much, but I personally cannot listen to them. I do not feel as they are a true bang for your buck, but even for someone who dislikes their bassy signature, they are at least tolerable compared to other cheap headphones at it's price (ex. average Sony or Skullcandy headphones). At worse case scenario, they lose in depth compared to the S2m, but has stronger bass, less sibilant, and more spacious. At best case scenario, their price for it's strengths and your ability to amp them and modify their sound with the EQ can make them really worth the money.


My opinion did not include me burning in these IEMs. Used the Comply foams and the silicone tips (and found that the silicone tips sounded better), used a Fiio E6 amp which made it sound much better and had the EQ increase parts of the mids.


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