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Brainwavz R1 Reviews

Positive Reviews


Very nice


Pros: Crisp highs and bass that fits my music

Cons: Lack of mids, odd shape, and possible build quality issues.

I don't normally write reviews so I'll be all over the place but here we go:     I listen to mostly electronic music. No specific genre in it, but it ranges from Ambient to very hard stuff (think The Bloody Beetroots).   These are able to keep up with my ears. I'm not highly picky with my audio but these please me greatly for their portable usage.   My home pair of cans are Sony XB-700's paired to an Asus Xonar DGX. Nothing audiophile, but good enough and more than makes sense to most people.     I don't consider these good for classical music but if it has a heavy beat and ample amounts of treble, these will be a good fit if you're on a budget. ...
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Brainwavz R1 REVIEW


Pros: Sound Quality, Comfort, Case

Cons: Cable tangling

Hello all head-fiers out there reading or seeing my review. You may ask who is this random guy writing a review? Here I am doing so anyways since this headphone isnt reviewed often and only has one review. I come from a family of sound engineers that have taught me in depth of what sound is supposed to sound really and all that basic and advanced stuff on sound. My mom and her brother are both sound engineers. Just got the brainwavz r1 today and dang was I surprised of how good they sounded for $30 bucks and fresh off the box with no burn in time at all. Box It comes in looks high end and is well packaged when opening it was a breeze with no toublem but only part needed care is...
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Negative Reviews


Version 2 of the R1


Pros: Good Soundstage (wider than deep), Great bass without bleeding off into mids, decent clarity, surprisingly 'durable', lots of accessories, Entry-level

Cons: Not the most agile/articulate sounding, cheap looking build, thin cable, memory cable

I'll start of by saying these are a pair of really respectable headphones and these are my subjective opinion on them. At their price point, I think you'll be hard pressed to find anything better without going higher in pricing They perform well for their price. All in all, a good pair of headphones just for casual everyday listening of music. Audiophiles will not be impressed however. These are also the version 2 I believe as they came with the memory cable and stem/nozzle filter   That said,   Some things to note - I have mine for well over 6 months now, all I can say is as long as you take good care of them, they'll take good care of you. Make sure you have a good...
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I don't enjoy giving bad reviews, but this one deserves it


Pros: none

I just can't imagine anyone, no matter what music he/she enjoys, finding these to be a pleasant listen. FLAT, cardboard sound to my ears. Who likes flat sound? The fit is not good, as they are unbalanced and want to topple out of the ear. Please do not buy these, they are not good for your brainwaves

More Reviews


A good pair of IEMs out of the box.


Pros: Good Bass, Crisp Treble, Nice Accessories

Cons: Muddy Mids, No Memory Cable or Guides, Weird Shape

2 of my favorite IEMs prior to purchasing the Brainwavz R1 was the Brainwavz Beta and Brainwavz M2. As you can see, I enjoy a bass heavy sound signature with good to adequate Mids and Treble.   Things I liked about the R1s: My first impression of these IEMs was that it was an innovative technology and for relatively inexpensive price. Having 2 drivers in one IEM seemed to be a pretty solid idea.  I liked the cable and the connectors, I felt that they were of good quality and would last. I liked the number of tips that they provided, however a Comply tip would have been a good addition but not necessary. Isolation seemed pretty good. Even enjoyed using them on planes. I...
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Something unique among them


Pros: Full acoustic with enough separations. Bass & treble is so-so but it's hard to consider as too weak. Cable smells like cable.

Cons: Needs amplifier to reach high volume and bass level. Needs equalizer correction due to extreme 2khz hump. Build quality is not shining.

i was purchased this 6 months ago and published a review here. i decided to buy it again just to remember it's sound. after inspecting my new pairs for some time, none of my previous opinions changed and here's my second review (actually you're reading the third review because i revised the revised review):   first of all, the 2khz situation is still badly here. you need to lower 2khz at least 6-9 desibels from your equalizer to get a natural sound. need for an amplifier is also still here to annoy our unamplified fellas. after listening it for sometime with a powerful amplifier, returning to the unamplified source is just giving pain. of course it's not bad as havi b3 pro I or...
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A hit or miss at $35


Pros: Soundstage/positioning, decent for instrumental music with a punch, deep and strong bass

Cons: Distorting, too much bass, sibilant, recessed mids, below average for rock and melody of different genres of music

Overall, I find these headphones eh for it's price. Comparing them to the Image S2m, they sound more expansive. On depth however, the S2m sound more full at equal volumes without an amp or EQ. The R1s lack clarity and quality when compared to the S2ms, but at higher volumes, can make up for their loss of depth, and with extra spacious sound, immediately become more deep. Bass is strong, sometimes even distorting the music, and parts of the mids sound recessed. Although sibilant at times, it's not intolerable. Using the EQ to increase it's mids and reduce a bit of the laws and a Fiio E6 (and switching from the Comply foams to the small silicone tips), the sound immediately became more...
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