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Brainwavz R1

80% Positive Reviews
Rated #101 in Universal Fit


Pros: Soundstage has good depth, Bass is big sounding, Treble has enough seperation.

Cons: Needs amplifier to reach high volume, Needs equalizer correction due to 2khz hump, Build quality does not shines.

unlike the Brainwavz M4 & Xiaomi Piston, this one finally brings something worthy to our ears. when you plug these in your ears, first you'll notice the wide soundstage which especially shines in depth. this was the first earphone i've used which incorporates such amount of mid layering in this price range. it's very alike to the Vsonic GR02 in this manner. you can easily feel different frequency segments appear in different layers back and fourth. this makes it's acoustic very lifelike.


of course the need for the amplifier and 2khz equalizer correction need puts the r1 in the weak side of the comparison with gr02. but it still have it's own signature. i did already sold the product so there's no chance for me to directly compare them but if i remember correctly, r1 had more big sounding vocals compared to vsonic. vsonic products has more seperated vocals but they sound more compact in comparison.


overall, R1 definitely worths to try. however, i cannot recommend it against gr02 because of the above said reasons. without the 2khz correction, it's possible that you'll feel most of the songs aren't sounding natural. 5-6 decibels of 2khz decrement should be fine. my unit which was bought from mp4nation lost it's L, R markings on the day two, the glue markings on the case were visible + it was lacking a part of the cable finishing near the earpieces. okay, noone is able to say that it has a stunning build quality.


it surely feels cheap and there's nothing to do about it. but it sounds good for shure... does not lacks deep bass amount, does not have a terrible, mid ruining highs and incorporates a wide soundstage. as i said, it's not recommendable against gr02 bass edition in my opinion but worths to be tried, especially if you like deep soundstage and bored from vsonic.


Pros: Crisp highs and bass that fits my music

Cons: Lack of mids, odd shape, and possible build quality issues.

I don't normally write reviews so I'll be all over the place but here we go:



I listen to mostly electronic music. No specific genre in it, but it ranges from Ambient to very hard stuff (think The Bloody Beetroots).


These are able to keep up with my ears. I'm not highly picky with my audio but these please me greatly for their portable usage.


My home pair of cans are Sony XB-700's paired to an Asus Xonar DGX. Nothing audiophile, but good enough and more than makes sense to most people.



I don't consider these good for classical music but if it has a heavy beat and ample amounts of treble, these will be a good fit if you're on a budget.



You will need an equalizer. Mine has a slight bump at 500, 8k, and 16k. To me, this makes a more enjoyable listening session since it brings out vocals and raises treble.


Pros: none

I just can't imagine anyone, no matter what music he/she enjoys, finding these to be a pleasant listen. FLAT, cardboard sound to my ears. Who likes flat sound? The fit is not good, as they are unbalanced and want to topple out of the ear. Please do not buy these, they are not good for your brainwaves


Pros: Sound Quality, Comfort, Case

Cons: Cable tangling

Hello all head-fiers out there reading or seeing my review. You may ask who is this random guy writing a review? Here I am doing so anyways since this headphone isnt reviewed often and only has one review. I come from a family of sound engineers that have taught me in depth of what sound is supposed to sound really and all that basic and advanced stuff on sound. My mom and her brother are both sound engineers. Just got the brainwavz r1 today and dang was I surprised of how good they sounded for $30 bucks and fresh off the box with no burn in time at all. Box It comes in looks high end and is well packaged when opening it was a breeze with no toublem but only part needed care is taking out the headphones since it is tight in the plastic package. So be carefull. 


BUILD QUALITY: This seems to be flaw of the R1's since they feel a little too light almost paper light                 actually, which yes is very nice, but the cables in these are too thin even when they supposedly have OFC cable attached to these. Other than that they are nice. 


DESIGN: These look so simple yet nice and attractive. Having said wearing these I have gotten many compliments about them out of random and was very nice to have gotten them. These are so comfortable to wear to the point as if I were to not be wearing them, and there are so many tips included that it will seem impossible to not find the right fit at all.


SOUND: Now here comes the most crucial news and part of every headphone ever made. They are of a V-shaped eq and I tend to like how they do so like the UE Triple-fi that I have. 


            Bass: These wow, they give that impact you want when its necessary on any genre of music.

                      Bass goes nice and deep without sacrificing the treble or distorting, Bass is nice and          

                      tight but a bit boomy for some people's liking all depending in taste of sound. To me I

                      think bass is just right when it comes to these in music, yes more bass presence and

                      power than the UE triple fi 10, and thats why i got these since. By woofer Brainwavz did

                      a real good job making the 9mm woofer live up to the name since all brands put words to

                      mislead consumer to buying their product. 


           Mid-Range: The mids are nice and rich but tend to be recessed a bit. Still though they maintain

                              to the sound still being warm and rich and these have more mids that my triplefi  

                              when listening to stock flat eq on any device or computer. Mids are present nicely

                              but do tend to calm down when it comes down to what song you may happen to

                              listen to. I like the mids provided and have no problem with it. 


            Treble: Here is another strength on these other than the bass, wow the tweeter sounds life like

                        and accurate sounding. Yes the sound is v-shaped but me personally I do tend to like

                        this since I have had the triple fi for 2 yrs already. treble is nice and detailed but only

                        flaw is that voices not always come out so well in these depending on singer. higher

                        pitched singer worse sounding his or her voice will sound compared to a lower end

                        voiced singer because tweeter tends to distort a tiny bit that i have noticed when a

                        voice is to high in tone. Thats the only flaw which i dont mind much. 


           Soundstage: Its nice and big sounding as if in the front row at a concert, or imagine this that the   

                              soundstage is as of and similar to the triplefi whoever has them can relate best.

                              When listening to the song Closer To The Edge by 30 Seconds To Mars I was able

                              to hear a whole lot of detail thanks to the soundstage positioning. Cymbals real

                              present along with synth piano and the voices.  


In Amazon these are real cheap at $29.50 and worth every penny! I love these. Even from never having owned,heard, and used Brainwavz at all and impressed. 





Pros: Soundstage/positioning, decent for instrumental music with a punch, deep and strong bass

Cons: Distorting, too much bass, sibilant, recessed mids, below average for rock and melody of different genres of music

Overall, I find these headphones eh for it's price. Comparing them to the Image S2m, they sound more expansive. On depth however, the S2m sound more full at equal volumes without an amp or EQ. The R1s lack clarity and quality when compared to the S2ms, but at higher volumes, can make up for their loss of depth, and with extra spacious sound, immediately become more deep. Bass is strong, sometimes even distorting the music, and parts of the mids sound recessed. Although sibilant at times, it's not intolerable. Using the EQ to increase it's mids and reduce a bit of the laws and a Fiio E6 (and switching from the Comply foams to the small silicone tips), the sound immediately became more depthful, and even sounded much better, and with better fit too. Overall, if you are used to full-sized headphones, these IEMs will disappoint. The sound signature is not for everyone, they are not balanced, and do not focus on the highs. They sound pretty poor at the sub-bass level, and can even get sibilant (although not as bad as the Image S4. At $35, I cannot complain too much, but I personally cannot listen to them. I do not feel as they are a true bang for your buck, but even for someone who dislikes their bassy signature, they are at least tolerable compared to other cheap headphones at it's price (ex. average Sony or Skullcandy headphones). At worse case scenario, they lose in depth compared to the S2m, but has stronger bass, less sibilant, and more spacious. At best case scenario, their price for it's strengths and your ability to amp them and modify their sound with the EQ can make them really worth the money.


My opinion did not include me burning in these IEMs. Used the Comply foams and the silicone tips (and found that the silicone tips sounded better), used a Fiio E6 amp which made it sound much better and had the EQ increase parts of the mids.

Brainwavz R1

The Brainwavz R1 are driven by two dynamic drivers, in a woofer and tweeter configuration. Most earphones only use one speaker, with the R1 two speakers are utilized to provide a better reproduction of sound across the entire audible sound spectrum. Using two drivers work harmoniously to provide a sound deep in bass and rich in detail. The R1 are suitable for any genre of music and are intended to be worn in a over the ear manner. Features: Woofer & Tweeter Dual Driver Deep bass and rich in detail Over the ear design.

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