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A Review On: Brainwavz ProAlpha In-Ear Headphones Bass Lovers

Brainwavz ProAlpha In-Ear Headphones Bass Lovers

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Pros: - Superb Punchy Bassline - Sweet Warm Mids - TRUE Tangle Free Cable

Cons: - Poor-ish Isolation - Seperation and Soundstage lack

I bought the Visang R02 version. No different sound wise, just sold through them. My Second IEM I bought and the first into the true Head-Fi Market. And I love them.



Nice suave packaging on show here. A medium sized black and blue box with the IEM's showing through the clear plastic window on the outside. Opening them, the cable sits in their clamshell case with the earphones themselves sitting on foam. Two layers foam are included with warranty card. Tips are included in a plastic bag within the case; 3 sizes of Sony Hybrid's, a set of double flanges & a set of semi foams. The case is solid with the (in my case) Visang logo on top.




Fit and Feel:

They're quite big. Oddly shaped too. They're conial shaped with a rubber casing on the outside. They do fit quite well however. A shallow fit is all that is needed and because of that, isolation really isn't good. The best part is the cable which is a mixture of "copper & silver" it works very well however and doesn't tangle much, maybe due to its thickness. It also has a Y-Splitter and 45 degree L-Plug too which are plusses. 


The Sound:

A wonderfully charming and engaging sound withe prominent mids and punch bass. Lows are there, not boomy, and hardly rumbling. They're don't stretch far down but pack some very tight punch. Mids are warmed up and quite sweet, makes for very pleasent listening to anything that likes attitude. Classical isn't one of those bear in mind. Anything else works well. Highs are there, stretch pretty far up, little sibilance. Seperation isn't very good, instruments do merge on quite a few tracks. Very intimate, probably linking to the warm signature. I have sound them quite similar to their bigger brothers, the M4's. Prominant Mids and more separation, though. 





At £25 - £35 there are the Brainwavz M2's which offer more bass, The Soundmagic E10's with again, more bass but for a more balanced sound signature, MeElectronics M31's or ECCI PR200's are good choices too.



For me, an amazing set of earphones. I love the warm signature they bring, coupled with an intimate soundstage, it makes for a very sweet experience. It may not to be to very ones tastes. More bass would probably be nice for some, and a more analyitical tone would be better for others. They're amazingly good value, a definite endorsement.


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