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A Review On: Brainwavz ProAlpha In-Ear Headphones Bass Lovers

Brainwavz ProAlpha In-Ear Headphones Bass Lovers

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Pros: Good sound, balanced tone, rich bundle, very nice packaging

Cons: None for the price, really

Nice IEMs for the price. I got these on a whim, to switch it up between them and my HD25s when I'm on the move. There is absolutely no way these are for bass lovers, mind you. They have less bass than the HD25, don't extend as low, plus they're not boomy. Quite nice IMO, as I absolutely hate overdone bass. The mids are quite forward and treble extension is very good, even though they're not very detailed and can seem lifeless at times. Soundstage is ok, but there's not very much layering, if you're into that sort of thing. Overall, they do sound nice for $35. Isolation isn't really that good, since they're ported, but they do OK on buses. To my surprise, they isolate less than the HD25 (yay Sennheisers!).


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