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Wonderful well built balanced entry level IEM

A Review On: Brainwavz Delta

Brainwavz Delta

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Pros: well built and balanced sound with exceptional clarity for an IEM at it's price point.

Cons: treble can be a bit grainy

I received this IEM from the manufacturer to review. I have to admit I was bit excited about this particular IEM because I had a feeling it might be an anomaly in the IEM world in regards to it's signature versus it's price point. Prior to receiving this IEM almost all IEM's at the $20 price point have had a tendency to be really cheaply built or congested bass oriented thumpers that just give me a head-ache. I was very happy to find out my hunch was CORRECT!


Out of the box the sound of these little guys has been pleasantly neutral, offering a nice balanced bass line in conjunction with the midrange and treble and they are surprising clear sounding with an average sound stage. If I have one small concern it would the grain I hear in the treble but this issue is not to severe and the treble is still better than anything else I have heard at this price point.


I also am very impressed with the build quality as well. These have excellent strain relief a solid feeling cable. The cable is a bit springy but again is better than most IEM's at this price point. They also come with a good selection of tips and an excellent semi hard case for their mere $20 price tag.


In regards to isolation these will not win any awards but they average to maybe a bit above average in this regard.


All of this adds up to being one of the best bargains I have seen in a good while. The only thing that should stop anyone from buying these is if they WANT a heavy bass response. In which case these will not satisfy and I would recommend something like the Brainwavz S1 instead.


All of my listening has been done from my Nokia 920 phone using 256KB MP3 files. The genres I used for the testing were Jazz, classical choral, orchestral, classic rock, Celtic music, and a smattering of country. In all cases the Delta sounded good. I only hit a very small selection of music where I wished I had more bass. In most cases the music sounded nice and balanced without coming across as boring or clinical.


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