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best in its own way .

A Review On: Brainwavz Delta

Brainwavz Delta

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Pros: fabulous instrument emphasis and clarity , imaging , sound stage , fast decay , fantstic resolution for highs .

Cons: bass is not up to the mark , lags at times , vshaped sound sig , grainy .

     first thing first ,       

     if you have doubts , please let me clear them , these are some of the best $20 phones in this world .


     secondly , thanks to razzer001 , thanks man , for this review unit , love these phones .


     i got these phones 2 weeks ago , and to make things clear these are burned in for nearly 90 hrs , before burning , bass was nearly non existent , every thing else was a bit unclear , more grainy sounding and lagged a bit more , and i was like is this it ? while listening to dispatch - circle around the sun and many other songs , it felt like stopping at times , for micro seconds , it feels like that till now but not much , but this phone lags with house music and busy songs ( could be just mine only but not likely ) , for something like james blunt and the passenger , this phone's performance is flaw less for its price .


     lets start with the package and miscs , mine came with nothing else but a pair of m size ear tip and the phone itself , but the retail package comes with few more tips , and a pair of comply foam tips , you can't ask for a carry case at this price but a carry pouch and more easily a cable clip will do good , unlike ha-fx40 , these are microphonic , so please add a cable clip .

     striking design , beautiful looking phones i must say , nice aluminum shells , white and red is not for everyone but are beautiful . L R marking is hard to find , they are on the side wall of the ear pieces , written in white hence making it hard to see under low light conditions , its not a big deal but these small things are frustration at times .


     lets start the sq with bass , wont go deep down the spectrum , but manageable , not much resolution in there , detail is okay , fall behind competition in this department , pny midtown 200 and ha-fx40 are more resolving and has batter bass presence in them , ha-fx40 is deeper in the spectrum . a bit dry but fast enough , never muddy , decay is really nice . and never gets into mids at all .


     mids does have a back seat , remember these phones have a v shaped sound sig , but not as big as ha-fx40 , fx40 are really deep into that V , even so delta is clear enough , as clear as eu400/500 , vocals are really clear thanks to the bass , instruments are nicely emphasized , you can hear even tiniest tingle of instruments clearly , top notch imaging , instruments are not much separable but are good enough , layering is not bad at all but you can not expect good layering at this price point , still you can clearly hear the background singers and instruments . sounds a bit unnatural , feels like the sound is coming form a a tin can , but its not a problem at all . overall this phone has beautiful mids and is par with many mid range phones . sound stage is really good , deep , not much wide , and feels hollow . overall imaging is just awesome , but overall clarity falls behind ha-fx40 due to its grainy sounding nature . you can hear nearly everything , but they are not clearer .


    now comes the highs , in this phone , this part of the spectrum has most amount of detail , and are emphasized nicely , this spectrum drives the whole sound sig , peaky , but i love it , i love high end

spark , shining instruments , thanks to a mid-high bump , cymbals shines , and oh god i love this sharpness , cuts like a knife on butter , decay not to say at these are sharp enough , is fabulous . simply put , beautiful highs .


    finally , sound sig , these might not please some , cuz at budget , most people want bass , pounding nonsense muddy kind of bass , but if you are not a bass fan boy , welcome to a more balanced treble oriented sound sig . with clear mids , not too dark , not too bright , slightly dry sounding phone . and not to forget a bit grainy .


    some changes i would like to see is , some more bass , and a cable clip , please , a cable clip .



as it reads , sample unit .





    so this is , brainwavz delta , the best non bass oriented / clarity oriented entry level phone . and can be a nice gift for your dear one .


    have a nice holiday ahead , enjoy , good day .


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