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Brainwavz Delta Reviews


A great all-rounder


Pros: value for money, clear sound, build quality, all metal housing

Cons: can't find any for this price range

  Introduction   I first got to know the company few months ago, when I was looking for a portable amplifier. They were about to release or they have just released the Brainwavz AP001 portable amp, so this was my starting point. I then visited their website http://www.yourbrainwavz.com/index.php, became interested with their products and decided to buy some and try them. The Brainwavz Delta made quite an impression on me as I can define them as a great all-rounder, they have everything you might need from your earphones in the low price segment. Or at least I can place them there, I don’t know about the head gear market research teams. With their price of $22.50 (I got mine...
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surprisingly good little earphones


Pros: foam tips, nice cable/durability, sound

Cons: driver flex with silicone tips

Before I start, I am no audiophile and have very, very limited experience with good headphones/earphones. This review is more of just my impressions as someone with almost nothing better to compare it with.   I got this for less than £10, which was an amazing steal, considering how good they are. The packaging is nothing special, just typical retail type mostly-transparent small plastic box. Mine came with foam tips already on the earphones, and the rest of the silicone tips (just s,m,l single tips) in a separate bit of the box. Design wise they look pretty cool, mine are black with a small amount of red which works quite nicely. The earphone shape is similar to the RE400 I think,...
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Brainwavz Delta--My choice for beater workout IEMs


Pros: Great fit, decent mids, very durable

Cons: Bass could be more refined, treble peak gets annoying, no case--for $20 I don't expect too much

While the high end IEM market has more options than ever, the sub $20 market is largely full of mediocre products, save for a few gems like the Xiaomi Pistons and LG Quadbeats. Last year, before the Xiaomi fever, Brainwavz released their own contenders: the Deltas. I reviewed these a while ago, but I guess I never uploaded the review before my computer decided to crash, so this is my short rewritten review.   The packaging is basic, coming in a plastic box most sub-$20 big box IEMs come in, but don’t let that discourage their quality. Sadly, the Deltas don’t come with a case (not too surprising, but I wish they did), but they do come with three pairs of silicone tips and a pair of...
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An average IEM with average price and average sound


Pros: build quality, price, low microphonics, decent clarity

Cons: unrefined bass, grainy mids, average highs, driver flex, average instrument separation

Now let me start by saying that at the time I purchased these Delta's, I was looking for a step up to my Philips SHE3580's to get a better quality budget iem. I have just sold my JVC FX40's and my Sennheiser CX215. This before I bought the Vsonic VSD1S, GR99, or the LG Quadbeats. i was researching through head-fi for a budget bump in quality. The Delta's were getting a bit of positive press, so for $20.00, I took the dive. I was excited to receive my newest go to IEM. When i go them in the mail, I hurried home and did the mandatory 2 hour burn in with sweeps and noise at moderate levels before listening to them. Then I popped them in using my Sansa Fuze and E11 amp, and...
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best in its own way .


Pros: fabulous instrument emphasis and clarity , imaging , sound stage , fast decay , fantstic resolution for highs .

Cons: bass is not up to the mark , lags at times , vshaped sound sig , grainy .

     first thing first ,             if you have doubts , please let me clear them , these are some of the best $20 phones in this world .        secondly , thanks to razzer001 , thanks man , for this review unit , love these phones .        i got these phones 2 weeks ago , and to make things clear these are burned in for nearly 90 hrs , before burning , bass was nearly non existent , every thing else was a bit unclear , more grainy sounding and lagged a bit more , and i was like is this it ? while listening to dispatch - circle around the sun and many other songs , it...
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Low Cost Champion of the World


Pros: Price, SQ, Soundstage, Price, Clarity, Price, Build Quality

Cons: No case? color scheme?

Finally! A solid performer from Brainwavz in both SQ and price! The Delta's lead time has been a bother for those of us who pre-ordered, however, rest assured the wait is worth it. There are plenty of budget bracket IEMs out there (believe me, I've heard a lot of them) and these are among the best.    Out of the box, the red and white color scheme certainly is eye-catching, along with the aluminum housing. They have solid strain reliefs, sturdy cable, and metal housing. No durability issues on the horizon here. The included tips will do the trick, however, replacements may be tricky as they have a very large nozzle. I was a little disappointed in the fact that they didn't come...
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Budget Benchmark in Sound Quality


Pros: Value to Sound Quality Ratio, Robust Build Quality

Cons: None at this price

Brainwavz Delta The Brainwavz Delta is a new benchmark in the budget iem market. For an asking price of $22, you get metal housings, a very pliable but sturdy cable and good strain reliefs all the way around. Size wise the housings are reminiscent of the new Hifiman RE series and they come with a decent selection of tips; I prefer the stock white tips. Wear style is over the ear or down but I prefer them over the ear. While the Deltas do not come with a case or pouch, they really look to be able to take a beating and best of all- they sound fantastic! The first thing I noticed out of the box is pretty nice balance. Most offerings in this price range tend to be bass first and boomy...
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Wonderful well built balanced entry level IEM


Pros: well built and balanced sound with exceptional clarity for an IEM at it's price point.

Cons: treble can be a bit grainy

I received this IEM from the manufacturer to review. I have to admit I was bit excited about this particular IEM because I had a feeling it might be an anomaly in the IEM world in regards to it's signature versus it's price point. Prior to receiving this IEM almost all IEM's at the $20 price point have had a tendency to be really cheaply built or congested bass oriented thumpers that just give me a head-ache. I was very happy to find out my hunch was CORRECT!   Out of the box the sound of these little guys has been pleasantly neutral, offering a nice balanced bass line in conjunction with the midrange and treble and they are surprising clear sounding with an average sound...
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