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Brainwavz Beta (V2) Reviews


Better than buds


Pros: Good sound quality, good selection of tips

Cons: Cheap, no case, microphonics

Very nicely balanced overall. Bass very slightly lacking, but this is a matter of taste.  Lots of tips to choose from, and came with foamies!   Cheaply put together though.  Loads of microphonics.  Clip is useless.  Thought I heard some imbalance but it went away with burn-in.  Questionable quality?   After further burn-in, my Betas became very bass dominant, though still with excellent overall sound quality.  I wouldn't buy the Betas again.  Sent back to Hong Kong for warranty and I sold the replacements.

IEM that sounds better than it's packaging and build


Pros: I lively relatively neutral sounding IEM with a large sound stage.

Cons: The cable is a bit thin and the body feels like it might break easily.

OK I have given my FREE reviewers pair of Beta's about 75hrs or so of burnin and think I am OK with doing their review.   The packaging of these feels very basic with no frills. On one hand I think this is good as it keeps the cost down and reducing unnecessary waste. But I also feel the plane jane nature of the packaging also does a bit of dis-service to the IEM because it gives a sense of cheapness that the sound of the Beta does not deserve.   Following the packaging, the build quality of the IEM is of a very similar vein as the cables are quite thin and very tangle prone and the included silicone tips are also a bit hard and slightly uncomfortable. Fortunately the one...
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Brainwavz Beta (V2), Sound Quality Comes First


Pros: Punchy bass, clarity, price, Comply tips, no microphonics

Cons: Slightly recessed mids, build quality

      I would like to thank Brainwavz for the opportunity to review their brand new Brainwavz Beta. I've titled this with a (V2) marking to distinguish that these are vastly different than the original ones. If you are interested in where to purchase these head on over to MP4nation where they have the best price and world wide shipping!   Pros: Punchy bass, clarity, price, Comply tips, no microphonics Cons: Slightly recessed mids, build quality   Packaging     I'm not sure whether this is the final design or not but so far it looks clean and simple, which I like. I wonder whether it's...
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