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A Review On: Brainwavz B2 Dual Balanced Armature Earphones

Brainwavz B2 Dual Balanced Armature Earphones

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Pros: 360 surrounding instrumental music sounds amazing, easy to power, analytical

Cons: Not as fun/too revealing, sibilant if at high volumes with sibilant music, not perfect seal

Just got my Brainwavz B2 and find the details better than my S4i. Compared to my HD 598, obviously they are not as wide, but they are deep, a bit wider than my ATH-M50. They do sound pretty bright, perhaps even lacking in the depth of the sound, but much more tolerable than the R1s. The harshness/sibilance don't seep into my ears too hard, but after listening to a track that presents a bit of sibilance, it does get quite fatiguing. Most instrumental tracks sound fine, sibilance from vocals are controlled as long as the volume isn't too high, it's not as sibilant as the S4s which is a good thing. The bass is not booming, but with tracks that use a good amount of bass, they start to sound pretty punchy. To be honest, I do not feel the energy of the music compared to my S4s, but they are definitely more clear, raising the volume would add the extra depth I need feel the full energy, but if the music is sibilant, then it gets noticed and can make the music less pleasant (with factor to the revealing aspect of the IEMs), not to mention that certain parts of the music sounds recessed (I cannot pinpoint where). IEMs sound enjoyable with high quality music that surrounds the stage, moderate amount of bass to added energy, low sibilance. Not so hot on rock, metal, pop and other more focused in a direction type of music due to it's revealing and spacious nature.


My ears are not adapted to the comply foams nor the silicone tips as opposed to the Klipsch oval tips, so I get less of a seal and comfort, but it's still more comfortable than those circular tips that do not even get into my ears. I still prefer the silicone tips over the comply, the music sounds more fun on them. They seem pretty brittle too, just as much as my S4s, so I fear for the worse for them after a year.


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