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Bowers & Wilkins P5 Mobile Headphones Reviews


More relaxing than audiophile


Pros: comfort, can be used for long periods of time, warm sounding, isolation

Cons: price depenable

If you are a serious audiophile then these arent for you. Goods :   very very comfortable a very relaxing sound very well presented looks (iphone cable/detachable cable)    6.  very good for travel, easy to drive. ISOLATION   Cons:   expensive (but varies) can get hot on your ears case a bit large (but is very nice) can get scratched. THAT GOD **** TREBLE ( improved .... look at the edit.)     When i first listened to these cans i thought they were not worth it. But after long periods of time and travel then i find these to shine in a place of their own. Their sound is subtle and not...
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Pros: Decent looks, New Zealand sheep's leather

Cons: Poor sound, uncomfortable, overpriced

I can't add much to skylab's excellent review. I was so seduced by the idea of soft sheep's leather against my ears that I pulled the trigger on these only to regret the decision and have to sell them. The sound is muffled and dark and without body. They get uncomfortable against your ears after about half an hour. They look (and smell) nice, but that alone can't justify $300. The people giving them rave reviews on the consumer websites have either never heard good cans or are utterly hypnotized by the B&W brand aura and can't stand the cognitive dissonance of having spent $300 on subpar headphones. Back to the drawing board, B&W!

Excellent Headphones


Pros: Very comfortable, seems durable, sounds very good

Cons: Expensive

I think the best way I can describe myself is an aspiring audiophile. I haven't the money, or the time to audition high end gear. That being said, I do scour the internet for information and save up my pennies for things I really want, and that's where the B&W P5s come in. I was able to experiment with them several times in an Apple store before finally exchanging two previous pairs of headphones I had bought there; one being the Skullcandy Aviators (which sounded surprisingly good despite their track record) and the other being the Klipsch Image One headphones. While purchasing these at their 150 dollar price points, I still knew I was making a mistake in not saving up and just...
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Prog Rock Man

Style over substance


Pros: Beautiful, beautifully made, very comfortable

Cons: The sound is mid range at best

  Popped into the Apple Shop today and gave these a right good first listen……..   SOUND     I listened to a variety of tracks from The Rolling Stones to Lilly Allan. The P5s were straight into an ipod nano. I have no idea what EQ if any setting was on. I have no idea, but suspect that the files were probably itunes downloads and so lossy. Kicking off with The Rolling Stones and Street Fighting Years and there was great rhythm, clarity and detail. The sound was quite forward and bright (the file and EQ setting?) and the cymbals sounded odd and a bit flat. I then tried some Talking Heads and this was superb. David Byrne was crystal clear and the bass and drums very good without...
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The best ipod solution


Pros: Beautiful design, beautiful sound

Cons: Same price might get you higher SQ if portability is not a concern

First of all shouldn't these be classified as on-ear headphones?   Second, I defy the previous reviewer to say where the "cheap plastic" was located on these headphones.  These are great sounding headphones.  Their competition in terms of portability and sound basically comes down to the Sen HD25s, which are slightly ridiculous looking DJ headphones.  Perhaps when beyer releases their portable, there will be competition in the market, until then, B&W owns their segment.    Edit: I've heard that phiaton have some offerings in this segment as well, so perhaps try both and see what you prefer.   You will not find a bad review of these outside of head fi.  There's either...
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