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More relaxing than audiophile

A Review On: Bowers & Wilkins P5 Mobile Headphones

Bowers & Wilkins P5 Mobile Headphones

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Pros: comfort, can be used for long periods of time, warm sounding, isolation

Cons: price depenable

If you are a serious audiophile then these arent for you.

Goods :

  1. very very comfortable
  2. a very relaxing sound
  3. very well presented
  4. looks
  5. (iphone cable/detachable cable)

   6.  very good for travel, easy to drive. ISOLATION



  1. expensive (but varies)
  2. can get hot on your ears
  3. case a bit large (but is very nice)
  4. can get scratched.
  5. THAT GOD **** TREBLE ( improved .... look at the edit.)



When i first listened to these cans i thought they were not worth it. But after long periods of time and travel then i find these to shine in a place of their own. Their sound is subtle and not fast-paced these cans are for relaxing(as i said) and not for head banging. 


pendulum - immersion 256kps VBR

metallica - discography ( cept the new things ) FLAC

chase & status- no more idols FLAC

avenged sevenfold - discography FLAC 


Beethoven - symphony 5 and 9 320kps

I found that the cymbals in these metal bands are very recessed and are very picky about SQ. The cymbals are there just not as florishing as they could be. 

I found the sound staging impressive to be honest i found it to be like a small recording room feel but this varies to the quality of the music .

The build quality is pretty good too with the leather and metal finish. The cable looks like it can break but a replacement from my shop costs £5-10 so that doesnt really bother me.

I also want to say that my headphone are a 54k serial number so relatively new.


i would not pay the full price but for £200 i found this to be a much more reasonable price. Not for audiophiles but for travel and a welcoming, warming sound i find these superb. (love or hate sound). 


After I recently got a new one (old one broke me being clumsy, not the headphones fault.) I found the treble to be ALOT better. Voices seem alot closer and not as far as the first version i had. Cymbals still sound a bit off but defiantly improved.

The serial number is RC 9mil series.



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