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Great in theory, not so great in practice.

A Review On: Bowers & Wilkins C5 In-Ear Headphones

Bowers & Wilkins C5 In-Ear Headphones

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Pros: Excellent audio, Noise Isolation, and good looks!

Cons: Goofy "secure loop" system, hard to clean, awkward ipod/iphone controls, EXPENSIVE, and a tiny carry pouch.

I bought these to replace my beloved A-Jays four.  I needed something with the integrated in-line ipod/iphone controls,  but with a bit better audio-quality, and some that may not pop out as easily as the JAYS.   These have a "secure loop" system which provides an adjustable cable loop that tucks into your upper ear, helping to keep the buds in place.   I personally found that the "adjustment" was just a series of markings on the cables, which would easily move up and down giving no "exact" setting for your ear.   They would stay in my ear,  but it always just felt sort of... Also, I found my ears getting quite sore after wearing them for an hour or two (not my ear canal, but the part with the "secure loop").   The noise isolation was great, and the audio was superb with rich lows, and well balanced mids . The highs were rolled off a tad too much for my taste, but overall I thing that these would cater to most peoples tastes in music.   I found, however that the audio began to attenuate over the course of a few months.  I realized that my ear wax was clogging the extremely fine steel screen mesh that covered the ports...  this was almost impossible for me to clean or rectify.  The ipod/iphone controls were also hard to find without looking, and did not provide any tactile response.   This resulted in me mis-hitting the buttons all the time.   Up would be down,  on would be off etc.  Not a very good design.  Major points however for isolation, which I found to be quite immersive, and the audio quality was fantastic before they became too quiet to enjoy. Also, the carry pouch was just a little too small.  I felt like I was crushing these, and bending up the "secure loops" every time I put them away..


Overall I was let down by this product, especially due to how expensive they were ($179).  Compared to the cheaper ($80) A jays,  they dont match as far as overall quality and comfort/ I did however enjoy their handsome design, but looks dont really count when all you want to do is listen.


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