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underrated in-ear headphone

A Review On: Bowers & Wilkins C5 In-Ear Headphones

Bowers & Wilkins C5 In-Ear Headphones

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Pros: stays in place/maintains seal during even strenuous activity; signature natural, transparent B&W sound with a complementary bass presence

Cons: 3-button control could be easier to use

I own a pair and love them.  I am surprised there is not more online buzz regarding these.  I mostly listen to music during activity but had difficulty finding a pair of active headphones that approached audiophile quality until I heard the C5.  The sound is clean, accurate and full.  The bass is prominent without being overwhelming which is perfect for workout tunes.  The sound is also enjoyable for home listening.  This is a great all around headphone for all types of music.  The ear loop also provides a secure fit and I sometimes forget they are on.  Related to fit, I have owned other earbuds that gradually slip out and the sound becomes hollow as the seal is lost.  I NEVER lose the seal with these because of the unique ear loop designed.  I was impressed with their sound quality from the first time I tried them on and haven't heard a better sounding headphone in their price range.


I'm glad you're enjoying yours, but when I owned these I was unimpressed. The mids were muddy, the highs were rolled off, and the bass was merely average. Also that ear loop thing was terribly uncomfortable. There are plenty of IEM's in that price range that offer better performance. Better yet, buy used. I got a pair of Earsonics SM2 for $140 and they run circles around the C5.
I cannot confirm that... I listened to the Earsonics SM2, and they do not sound as good as the C5...
You can use the C5 without the ear loop (Read the ******* manual please...) and if you want to get a good sound you have to put them deep into your ear.
this earphone has style, character and sounds clear & powerful, like a THX theater.
i really admire the whole concept, Bowers & Wilkins is an amazing company.
the build quality is out of this world 10/10.
one of the best earphone for: OST's & electro & ambient
not that much suited for: RAP & classical music
you will need 200 hours burn-in with IsoTek Full System Enhancer & Rejuvenation Disc.
+ don't push it too deep
you will need a great source + great recorded lossless files: like Cowon iAudio 9+ and flac
+ don't panic the earloop will avoid the instability even if the tip is only gently pushed in your earcanal
+ don't use too big tips -> to achieve more pleasant frequency responses
i have to agree: very underrated
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