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Bowers & Wilkins C5 In-Ear Headphones Reviews

Positive Reviews


underrated in-ear headphone


Pros: stays in place/maintains seal during even strenuous activity; signature natural, transparent B&W sound with a complementary bass presence

Cons: 3-button control could be easier to use

I own a pair and love them.  I am surprised there is not more online buzz regarding these.  I mostly listen to music during activity but had difficulty finding a pair of active headphones that approached audiophile quality until I heard the C5.  The sound is clean, accurate and full.  The bass is prominent without being overwhelming which is perfect for workout tunes.  The sound is also enjoyable for home listening.  This is a great all around headphone for all types of music.  The ear loop also provides a secure fit and I sometimes forget they are on.  Related to fit, I have owned other earbuds that gradually slip out and the sound becomes hollow...
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Negative Reviews


Great in theory, not so great in practice.


Pros: Excellent audio, Noise Isolation, and good looks!

Cons: Goofy "secure loop" system, hard to clean, awkward ipod/iphone controls, EXPENSIVE, and a tiny carry pouch.

I bought these to replace my beloved A-Jays four.  I needed something with the integrated in-line ipod/iphone controls,  but with a bit better audio-quality, and some that may not pop out as easily as the JAYS.   These have a "secure loop" system which provides an adjustable cable loop that tucks into your upper ear, helping to keep the buds in place.   I personally found that the "adjustment" was just a series of markings on the cables, which would easily move up and down giving no "exact" setting for your ear.   They would stay in my ear,  but it always just felt sort of... Also, I found my ears getting quite sore after wearing them for an hour or...
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More Reviews


Fun and enjoyable but poorly built


Pros: Powerful and fun sound; good details and soundstage; looks and feels nice

Cons: Terrible build quality; overcooked bass; average comfort

This is a review of the original B&W C5. Not the recently released C5 S2.   Design/durability: The C5 feature a really unique design because of the secure loop. The finish of the earphones is very nice (metal construction), and the cable *looks* sturdy. However sturdiness isn't the strong point of the C5. Actually, I have sent them back twice already because of cable defects. Every 6-8 months, one of the channels stops working due to faulty contact, as if it were pre-programmed. Build quality is definitely not up to expectations. B&W's customer service is second to none though, but this issue still ruins customer experience.   Fit/comfort: Not very comfortable, no...
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TOO TOO much bass


Pros: build quality

Cons: bass

i really want to embrace this earphone, the build quality is some of the best of all universals, earpiece is full metal and just feel solid. the loop is a good design for me. and if i don’t want to use the loop i can make it small and it work like a earbud. or take the wire out and wear it over the ear. So i mainly listen to young female vocals, but the bass just muddy it up. male vocal sounds much better. The bass is too overpowered, especially in the sub bass area, and the op bass extend all the way into the vocal band. The bass is slow and controlled, the quality is there, but too overpowered. I’d say that it is hard to even get this into my ear.   on phone I basically lower...
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Bowers and Wilkins C5


Pros: Inline Mic/Controls for Apple Device, nice subbass, Build Quality is Excellent.

Cons: No Detachable Cable, slight grain in the treble, Loop doesn't fit in everybodies ears, Bass is loose and kind of muddies up the sound

Decent. But get the Dunu DN-1000's instead.
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