Noise Cancelling is amazing, and second to none! theyre very comfortable, but sound quality wasnt anything special.

A Review On: Bose QuietComfort 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones

Bose QuietComfort 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones

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Pros: Noise Cancelling, Comfortable, long term wear comfort

Cons: unusably long cord, music quality is nothing special.

Alright so this is my first review, but ill try to just lay down the facts and keep it simple. These headphones do an amazing job of taking all outside noise away. just flipping the switch on them even without music playing, makes you feel like you entered a vacuum where all sound disappears. Its really something to awe at. If you're going to buy these headphones, it should be for that reason alone. 


The cord is long.. verrry long. If the headphones are on me, and connected to my phone in my pocket, the excess cord hangs almost to my ankles.. Its between 6-7 foot in length, which is pretty ridiculous. The cord does come with 2 cords of same length, one for apple, and one without controls. so if youre like the norm out there using Android, you'll be out of luck. 


The sound is alright, it has strong bass, sometimes unwelcomed, but overall the sound is "alright". I definitely wasnt blown away, and for nearly $300 I would like to be. 


Last point to mention, is theyre very comfortable, they dont move or budge if you shake your head, or "rock out" wearing them. in fact, when you include the superior noise canceling, its quite easy to fall asleep wearing them. Which is very welcomed in any headphones. 


Overall theyre a great pair of headphones for the $150 range, but for $300 I would say theyre not worth it. 

If you need noise cancellation, theyre unrivaled by anything else around however.


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