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Bose QuietComfort 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones Reviews


Bose Quietcomfort 15


Pros: Naturally sounding, very comfortable

Cons: Price

I purchased these because my Sennheiser PXC450 were getting too big to carry around once I purchased a larger netbook.  So this review is more a comparison of it and the QC15.   The striking difference is the size - the PXC450 are just massive.  The QC15 on the other hand have cups that just fit around the ears, and are lighter.  The sound quality on both are excellent, but my personal opinion is the QC15 produce a much more natural sound.  I have also tried a friends Goldring NS1000 (which is a lot cheaper) and while its noise cancelling is good, the sound is a lot more punchy than that of the PXC450 and the QC15.   The PXC450 and QC15 both come in a carry case which does its...
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The best active noise canceling phone on the market


Pros: Superior active noise canceling ability, light and comfortable

Cons: filmsy cable, only play music with noise canceling on.

Why I ever considered buying this? My office is now noisier than before, so I don’t want to crank up the volume too much with my closed phones. My office phone is now AKG K271s. While I like its balanced sound, the overall comfort is not ideal.   I demoed the QC15 at Bestbuy. The noise canceling is better than others (tip: just wait till the demo music stop), and most importantly, it is very comfortable. So, I wonder if Bose QC15 can serve in my office setting. If this plan didn’t work out, I can still use QC15 for my long cross pacific flight.   First, some quick facts: QC15 does not play music without noise canceling. It only came with 3.5mm plug. The cord is thin and long,...
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Noise Cancelling is amazing, and second to none! theyre very comfortable, but sound quality wasnt anything special.


Pros: Noise Cancelling, Comfortable, long term wear comfort

Cons: unusably long cord, music quality is nothing special.

Alright so this is my first review, but ill try to just lay down the facts and keep it simple. These headphones do an amazing job of taking all outside noise away. just flipping the switch on them even without music playing, makes you feel like you entered a vacuum where all sound disappears. Its really something to awe at. If you're going to buy these headphones, it should be for that reason alone.    The cord is long.. verrry long. If the headphones are on me, and connected to my phone in my pocket, the excess cord hangs almost to my ankles.. Its between 6-7 foot in length, which is pretty ridiculous. The cord does come with 2 cords of same length, one for apple, and one...
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Really really good at canceling noise. Sound is fine as well.


Pros: Noise canceling, Comfort, design, Sound Quality.

Cons: Price, Not passive, Cheap cable, Bass

I found these for a great price used and couldn't pass them up because I am going on a long flight soon. The noise canceling in these is incredible as most have said. Any sound that drones on or rumbles or is generally steady and unpleasant goes away with the flick of a switch. My first test for these was my lawnmower. They can kill the sound from it to a point where it is only a very low easy to ignore sound. Music will completely drown it out. Second test was inside a data center at work. These can almost completely kill the sound from the data center. Anyone who has been in one knows what I am talking about... Lots and lots of loud fans all going at once. Interestingly enough though...
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It Takes Me Away


Pros: The Noise Isolation is Like No Other

Cons: Some say the sounds isn't that great. I think it's good/great

When I go to a busy restaurant during lunch with my headphones, I feel like I'm by myself with the QC 15's.  They work fine with your iPhone but if you get an Amp, you can change the setting on the headphone jack to Lo.  Then, you can crank the Amp and you get some pretty good sound when you are at home.  In my opinion, if you listen and get used to their sound, you'll be happy with the sound.  Also, they fit well on my head, which I like.  I felt like the other headphones (Parrot Zik, UE9000, UE6000 and others) moved around when I would walk.  I don't recommend this, but they are GREAT to workout at the gym.  I bring my iPad and can watch a TV show in a...
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Awesome for the specific purpose of Noise Cancelling


Pros: Great noise cancelling with *good* sound, works extremely well out of an ipod

Cons: Lacks some overall fidelity, unnatural bass

Just a quick note about these. My point of comparison for Audio Quality is Senn HD650 / LCD3 / Grado 325is / ATH-M50.   Comfort - Amazing. Gets slightly warm after really long listening sessions, but they mostly rise to that level where you forget you have them on. The cups are like pillows. Personally, after a couple of minutes I don't feel the "pressure". They are probably my most comfortable headphones... The Senn HD650 is close but the clamping is a little excessive on those.    Sound quality - Decent. They are a little muddy. The clarity isn't quite there. Specifically the bass is muddy, sometimes overemphasized, rarely as clear as it should be. The mid bass...
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First headphones beyond earbuds, not too impressed


Pros: Noise cancellation and comfort

Cons: Can't listen without noise canceling, sound in general

This was the very first headphone that I have owned that can be considered "high-end". When I first received these I enjoyed almost everything about them except for the look. The noise canceling was what really blew me away at the time. However, these headphones became very sub-par with poor bass performance in terms of quality and an overall muddled and unpleasant mid and treble presentation. I paid $300 for these as a middle-schooler. Thank God I was able to get a refund by some hot luck. I will remember my experience with these as my introduction to the audio world. That is something that I will cherish about these. Other than that, not much.



Pros: One of the best if not the best N.C. HP out there. Blocks out almost everything when the music is up.Decent mids and highs.Decent Detail.Great comfort

Cons: Part from the N.C. and comfort , nothing special, really.

Decent sound, Great Comfort, one of the best noise cancelling headphones out there. I think it's not worth the $299 price tag tho.

Slow Joe Crow Comes, Bose Nose Grows Some


Pros: noise canceling, comfortable, lightweight, battery life, travel accessories

Cons: decent sound quality, price, won't function as standard HP w/o battery power

I received the Bose QC 15 in the mail today.  My previous ordered was canceled by the retailer for some reason.  I went back to re-order and the price was marked down to $229 shipped.  Probably a Black Friday deal or something.  The headphones were well packaged and the box included a travel case, 1x AAA battery, detachable cable, headphone adapter for passenger airliners, operating instructions (many languages) and warranty registration card.  Anyway, I just plugged them in and gave them a quick listen (Bob Marley - Africa Unite).  Sounded pretty decent off the bat.  It was a bit heavy on the bass, but still sounded pretty good.  Noise canceling...
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