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Perfect for everyday use.

A Review On: Bose OE2i Audio Headphones - White

Bose OE2i Audio Headphones - White

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Pros: Very compact design.

Cons: A bit pricey if you're paying full retail.

I know people bash on Bose because of they're over priced and I agree. I believe these retail for about $150 or so and I paid $85 for these due to employee discount at where I work. With that being said, I wouldn't recommend anyone pay the full price for these. Do some searching online, if you can trade stuff in somewhere and bring the price down a bit to somewhere the $100 range, then I'd say go for it. 


I think these are great for every day use. I think the balance on these are quite good. The bass is strong but  not excessive. The way I put it, the bass is of the sound quality of a movie theater and not like a fixed up car. It's there to serve it's purpose and to complement the rest of the music not to over power it like as if you were to get a car sound system.


I also like the compact design. When these are folded up AND put in it's case, it's about the side of a double disc cd case. Perfect for if you're traveling or just on the go. These, IN THE CASE, will easily fit into a cargo pocket on a pair of cargo shorts or even your back pocket (just don't sit on them).


The main reason why I wouldn't recommend them at the full retail price point is because they feel a bit fragile. They're quite durable but I'm also pretty good with my stuff and I typically don't break anything but they feel like somewhat bare bones but that also attributes to it's light weight. 


They're fairly comfortable for on ear models. I've worn these for hours at a time and haven't been as sore as with other over ear models that I've owned. 


Overall, I'd recommend them. The price point issue is up to you. Even if I had paid full retail for these I'd be satisfied. There may be stuff of equal quality for a lower price but there are probably the easiest to get your hands on and are more readily available at retailers opposed to having to order what ever model you've done research on on line. 


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