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Decent, but only worth $20.

A Review On: Bose® IE2 audio headphones

Bose® IE2 audio headphones

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Pros: Fun-looking striped cord

Cons: No sound isolation

If you're looking into buying some Bose IE2s, save your money. 



The build on the IE2 is less-than-fantastic. They're all plastic, very light, and they feel fragile. I did, however, enjoy the design. The striped cables turned a few heads, and the chrome Bose logo tells everyone that they were expensive. The strange tips are a little hard to get into your ears, but they fit perfectly, and never fall out. Unfortunately, they do not block any noise whatsoever. The only place you can enjoy them is in the middle of a silent room. 



The sound is exactly what you would expect from Bose. It's lacking in almost every way possible, and is not enjoyable to audio enthusiasts. There lows in the IE2 were nonexistent. You will never get any bass rumble out of them, even when connected to an amplifier. The mids are okay, if you were listening in a quiet area. If you're sitting on a bus or in an airplane, the mids will be gone. The highs are best part ofthe IE2, and they still do not sound as good as most $30 IEMs.



Do not buy the IE2. They honestly sound worse than the white earbuds that come with every iPod. I was very disappointed with almost every aspect of the IE2, and I will not be purchasing a Bose product ever again. 

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I had tried a pair of LCD-3 with a 3K amp just before I tried these and I thought they sounded pretty good. Very open and natural sound. Def not on the analytical side.
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