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Excellent for Intended Use

A Review On: Bose® IE2 audio headphones

Bose® IE2 audio headphones

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Pros: Bose Sound, Comfort, They stay in your ears like they were glued in

Cons: It seems as though the Bose sticker adds some cost.


In the Box:

It comes with a simple book-style zipper case that can hold a media player and the phones well. It comes with six options for buds. It has S, M, L sizes with wings, and a S, M, L sizes without.


First Impressions:

Went to the Bose store, had the girlfriend listen to the demo (they were for her,) she loved 'em, we bought 'em. Outstanding customer service in the store- Outstanding. Hopped in the car, cued up some smooth jazz on the Droid2's mp3 player, and listened for myself for the first time... I looked at my girlfriend and said, "really? This was good to you for a hundred bucks?" It was awful- GOD AWFUL. She listened again and agreed. She hated them more than even I did. Very disappointing. We almost walked back into the store to return them, but she said that they were the only comfortable ear buds she had ever tried and she would try to get used to the sound. We could return them next weekend if she still didn't like them.


At home, I plugged them into my Focusrite interface in my little home-studio and got to experimenting. After about an hour, I suddenly began to realize that the right ear was starting to sound far better than the left. And it dawned on me... that silly myth about burning in headphones was being proven to me right before my ears!! I had never drank the cool-aid until the Bose IE2.


I began doing a/b tests- listening to various styles between my go-to monitor style cans that I use every day use and these little buds. I would check back in every 30 minutes or so and I was shocked and how the headphones were maturing as the day went. After about 6 hours, everything was more evened out. I stopped noticing changes and started hearing that typical Bose signature. These headphones are spectacular AFTER A BURN IN. Before it was mud-bass, and nails on a chalkboard tin highs with unbearably boxy mids. Now, its great. Simple as that.



Sounds like a hundred bucks. 

There are a lot of competitors in this area. But that doesn't matter, nobody touches the Bose for its intended use. If you need transparent studio monitor performance from headphones, then it would be especially dumb to buy Bose consumer headphones just as it would with their entertainment speakers.

Another thing that makes these headphones very different is they are open. VERY OPEN. If sound isolation is key, look elsewhere. These are not for critical listening in noisy environments. at low volume, you will hear everything around you. I doubt these would be useful at all on a plane. That is, however, not verified by me... yet. 

Last, in typical modern Bose fashion, they went cheap on the cable. Its adequate, but their are competitors with far better cabling in this price range. They look expensive, though.... if you are into that sort of thing.


Its my conclusion that the active lifestyle is exactly what the headphones are for.

Once in your ear, they will not fall out if you are using the appropriate bud choice for your ear. End of story. They are the perfect commute headphones for fans of Bose sound. These buds are a riot for watching cellphone movies in a waiting room, or listening to music on your bike or while running. I don't think a more comfortable option is out there. 


One last thought:

We bought these primarily for their comfort. The main user of these phones has a particular inner ear shape that completely prohibited most over the counter ear buds from being anything other than noisy torture devices for her. She loves these. The wing tips take getting used to, but its worth it. Solid buy recommendation for the person who  loves Bose sound and lives an active lifestyle. 


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