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Hey,it's bose

A Review On: Bose®AE2 audio headphones

Bose®AE2 audio headphones

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Pros: very comfy,could wear these for hours.

Cons: needs more bass and better sound quality

Here is my review of the bose AE2 audio headphones


So,I was at target,looking for some nice headphones.I had to chose between the beats solo hd's or the bose AE2 audio headphones.There not the bad boy on the block headphones like beats and sheinheiser are,but they get the job done.just crank these up and there not half bad.just wish they dropped the price about 20-40$ and i would give it 4 stars overall + It needs better sound quality and WAY more bass.if you have a ipod touch like I do MAKE SURE you turn the EQ to BASS BOOSTER!!! even then it still needs more bass,but these are not really built for rap and hiphop like the solo's are.Im gonna be getting the mixr's very soon,when i previewed them at target,they where the BOMB (sorry for getting of the bose AE2's) comfort is BEAST I have glasses so most headphones dont fit properly or are not comfy at ALL. but these I could sleep in,there that damn comfy.all an all I would reccomend this to a non-audiophile buddy.stick around for my mixrs review in the next few weeks



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