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Out dated and over priced

A Review On: Bose®AE2 audio headphones

Bose®AE2 audio headphones

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Pros: Strong headband Yes only thing good about then

Cons: Wires can not be replaced connected to earbuds & no mic

There is no way theses headphones are better that any of the beats. Also I think my iPhone 5 ear buds are just as loud, clear and have more base. There is no mic or volume control and the wires are attached to both sides of the head phones which is annoying. It was the worst purchase I've made in years and I actually bought 2 pairs and one of them left speaker doesn't work and other pair the wire is messed up so I get alot of stacic. They should have never made the list I'm testing out a pair of Beats Solo HD they are way nicer, the cord cab be replaced and it mic which you can use to skip songs control volume. Now I need to figure out the trick to get them to work on Xbox live. BOSE is really over priced. Beats might be to but at lease they are 10x as good with all the bells and whistles. Look around for the solo HD I saw Target/Walmart and best buy selling them for $169 and open box for $149.00 great value

Revised beats is good for kids I should have said I am looking at 2 pair Bose that both don't work one speaker in the headphones don't work and the other one the wires came loose they are overpriced and junk. As far as trolling you must be trolling your you when I'm replied. Do I need a picture to prove that I actually have them I can send it to you if you really want.

I'm Actually getting new headphones That's why was on looking and I notice how high they rated the Bose which I think our garbage I am possibly getting one of the following brands Grado, Sennheiser, Shure, Audio Technica, AKG, Denon, Bowers and Wilkins.

Unless that's not okay for you guys also then you name me a pair to get and I'll look them up But I really do not want to spend $400

They are sorta Comfortable but not that great because of the two wires that connect to each of the headphones single wire headphones are way more comfortable than these they get tangled all the time

Couple of things If you Google anything on the Internet even know I agree completely that beats and those are both junk They have helped lower the prices on other quality headphones because of all the hype especially the hype around beats which in turn is a good thing.

And when you have 13-year-old boys lightguide do they care more about style then they do about performance so it has to be the beats unless somebody can tell me a product that looks like beets and is a way better product That's why I'm buying me cheapest pair of beats I can get so I don't waste money


As much as the SQ of these headphones are well below average in their price range, a giving a single star for comfort is simply not reasonable at all. It's the best attribute for this headphone and betters pretty much almost all other headphones out there in that aspect.
Bose and beats suck
"Also I think my iPhone 5 ear buds are just as loud, clear and have more base." "Base."
Where did you learn your English from?

And wire not replaceable?? Which headset are you talking about? The triports ?

And if something is wrong, why don't you go to a service center and show them your problem. If the wire is messed up why don't you untangle it or may be replace it if it is in bad condition. And believe me, the SQ is not that bad at all!! And the level of comfort they provide is unmatched in my opinion! Stop giving stupid star ratings to a product if you can not find a solution to your problem because of yourself!
cant believe your comparing beats crap to these? beats cost 1.5 times more and all it has is bass. plus bad build quality. 10 times worse id say
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