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Actually very enjoyable

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Bose®AE2 audio headphones

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Pros: Clear & open sounding, unexpected deep bass notes, lightweight, comfortable, removable cable

Cons: No bass punch, might lack body to the vocals for those who like warm headphones, poor isolation.

Got a good local deal on these as the are being replaced by the SoundTrue variant, which as far as I can tell, only adds a case and different colors.


The Bose AE2 are a very lightweight headphone with large and deep earcups that completely surround your ears with little pressure and are very comfortable.


The voicing on these is like the fit, it is a clear and open sounding headphone, I think they gain this clear sound by slightly dropping the mids, the sound doesn't have the warm body of say my DJ orientated headphones like the V-Moda M100 or the AKG K267 or the tight and punchy bass with good texture. In fact first impression might be that these are bass light. But they do have some nice deep bass notes below 100hz, but around there and above there is little to no punch, kind of like the opposite of what you find with a Sennheiser Amperior. But it makes up for it by its enveloping soundstage and happy "live" sound feeling.


I think they are great for home listening. For some outside portable use it might be okay, but you might find the bass lacking.


More or less how I feel about mine, +1
They last about 8 weeks then break. Sad.
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