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beyerynamic DT 150 Compact Closed Headphone (250 Ohms) Reviews


Why I don't care if I look like a dork...


Pros: sound quality, soundstage, isolation, easy to drive, detail, balance, durable, user replacable parts, long straight cable, musicality, bass

Cons: not too classy, loooong cable, clamping force

I'm really only half a year into my serious headphone journey, which began when I got a pair of Shure SRH-840 and Grado 125i at around the same time, along with a solid custom headphone amp (which never ceases to amaze me) from my brother-in-law.  Both of those original headphones are gone now, but the journey has taught me a lot about my own tastes, pushing me ever closer to a pair of headphones that I would be happy with for the long term.   That pair is the Beyerdynamic DT-150.   Before starting, I'll go through a few things that I've learned in this journey, and how the DT-150 fits into those lessons:   1. Professionals know what they're doing. I have found myself...
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Breaks the Myth that Closed-backs Sound Worse Than Open-backs


Pros: Beautiful mids, crystal clear, great soundstage, wonderful 3D imaging, powerful yet tight bass, pleasant treble, almost no grain, and non-fatiguing

Cons: Can be a bit heavy in the bass on some systems and songs. Potential comfort issues for some.

The Beyerdynamic DT 150 is one of those headphones that for some reason is overlooked and ignored despite being one of the best mid-tier headphones one can buy regardless of open or closed. It's likely a couple factors relating to their very utilitarian appearance and the fact they aren't as easy to find find as Beyers other offerings. It's a shame these don't get much attention because these are in my honest opinion Beyerdynamic's best offering in the mid-tier range and may be Beyers very best closed-back overall. I'm going to explore in the review why the headphones are so great and why they can be compared to well-regarded mid-tier open-backs and be comparable or even surpass some of...
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1968 München Elektrodynamische Umschalttaste.


Pros: Heritage.

Cons: Might not get you laid.

  A name unfamiliar to most. DT150 is not something that is on everyone's radar partly because it was made from the stuff of the future in 1968 and comes from a Legend whose track record and contribution to the industry is overlooked to such an extent it makes me loose hope and instill a sense of understanding that if you think it's classy not to speak much, you won't ever get the recognition for your work if you had done the opposite instead. From the sole perpetrator of the Polymeric revolution for his Electrodynamic contribution, DT150 is the earliest examples dating back to that revolution. This very perpetrator has taught me many things, given me many clues and made me...
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Very well priced but may fight with flagships.


Pros: Authority in sound, large scene, not fatiguing, very durable construction, excellent price for the qiality factor.

Cons: Pleather pads need to be changed for velours. With not enough quality power amp may sound dull.

I just like these headphones so much. I was looking for for a long a realixing but engaging headphones. And finally found DT150. Sound is full, present, clear, and with perfect 3D presentation - even better than in some opened constructions. I prefere them more than Senn HD650, HifiMan HE500, Beyerdynamic DT990, DT880, T70, T90, T1 even for now...

Solid and fun cans


Pros: Sound, price and build quality

Cons: Non-proprietary connector, comfort, estetics (to some degree)

  Coming from a K171S followed by a DT990, I guess I wanted a combination of the two - a somewhat flat-sounding closed set of cans combined with the comfort, size and soundstage of the latter. The DT150 certainly does the trick. Much more "alive" than the K171S, quite comfortable*, "alive" yet flat-sounding enough to handle most genres with ease. Rock, metal, electronic music, ambient and hip-hop all feel just about right, opposed to the K171S (which lacks bass and soundstage) and the DT990 (which frequency response is too U-shaped for a lot of music). Even though the sound may be described as "dark", the bass never gets in the way of anything else while sounding full and...
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Not for bassheads


Pros: Comfortable; good isolation; durable; long cable

Cons: Poor lows (quantity-wise, especially the subbass); ugly

These are sometimes recommended for 'people who want lots of bass'. Well, I'm certainly one of those, and to me, DT-150 had hardly any bass at all. You can't feel the subbass; and when you EQ them to the point that the subbass is strong enough to be felt consistently throughout the whole song, it's still not perfect, and other frequencies suffer - as if their price was $5. I listen to trance and house, and can't stand hearing my favorite tracks without proper bass. My soundcard was Asus Xonar D1, so it's not like it couldn't drive DT-150 at all. Surely, I could've bought something better than Xonar D1, but I bet it wouldn't make much difference as far as the subbass is concerned. However,...
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Great headphones for use in recording booth


Pros: Great Isolation, Rugged, Well built

Cons: Not your go to headphones for mix

This is one of those items that I use every single day, take for granted.   I wouldn't be able to work without a handful of these in the studio. The headphones we give to every single recording artist - the kind they love. They can crank the levels up on their hear back mixer as much as they want, yet the leak remains very minimal. I have had these thrown around, kicked at, what not. They survive. Perhaps the single most item in the studio, on which I wouldn't put a fragile sticker.



Pros: Great acoustic sound, not like a 'typical' closed headphone. More balanced than most Beyers

Cons: Um, ugly? Stock cord a bit longer than necessary (3 meters)

These are great headphones I was turned onto from the forum.    On this forum you have to assess who is enthusiastic about what. Generally, there is a difference between enthusiasm from novices and that of veterans. The novices were excited about my Beyerdynamic 990 Pro, 250 Ohm. But the veterans were on to these DT 150 headphones. The sound is so much more mature, even, musical and rich on the DT 150s.   I will say, I think the sub-bass was a little better on the 990 Pros, but that's about it. Most acoustic music sounds better with the DT150s.   They also sound fantastic whether plugged into an iphone/ipod, and even more fantastic when put into a multi-thousand...
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I Love them!


Pros: Sins are of omission. They do almost nothing wrong.

Cons: To tight! I have a huge head which doesn't help. LOL

I bought 2 pair of these at an estate sale for $30. I replace my senns with them. I am down to 1 set now, and I am shopping for new phones. That is why I'm on this GREAT site. If I paid full price, I would be happy. I gave them only 4 stars for sound only because I assume there are better ones out there.
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