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So Close to Perfection!

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beyerdynamic Tesla T1

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Pros: Bass extension, mids, soundstage, separation, comfort

Cons: Treble!

These come so close to being my ideal headphones. These headphones have nearly everything I want, good controlled bass that extends well to very low frequencies. The bass is also present but does not dominate. Nice mids that are not recessed, a great wide soundstage and fantastic separation. The comfort is supreme, the earpads surround the ears well and the T1 is also lightweight. However, where it fails IMO is in the treble. Without applying EQ it's just too bright for my tastes.


I listen to music using lossless files and watch movies/TV shows using Bluray so the quality of the files used is excellent. People might say that my DAC/amp combo is not up to scratch, that might be so. I'm using the O2/ODAC combo which is supposed to be very transparent and uncoloured and I have read it should allow you to hear the true sound of the headphones. If this is true, the uncoloured sound of the T1 is too bright. The only flaw IMO but a major one for me since I am quite sensitive to the treble.


In terms of power, discussions in the sound science forums indicates that technically there doesn't seem to be much indication that the O2 amp cannot supply sufficient power to the T1 (http://www.head-fi.org/t/707169/can-the-o2-amp-fully-drive-the-beyerdynamic-t1). I'm sure that colouring the sound using a tube amp would be able to tame the highs and make these headphones truly fantastic but IMO the natural sound of these cans has some serious flaws in the treble. This seems to also be attested by the frequency response curves I've seen for these headphones and also numerous comments I've read stating the same point.


This being said, I really do like these headphones and aggressive use of EQ can tame the treble enough to make it enjoyable for watching movies and listening to music. Without applying any EQ it sounds truly superb for Classical and Jazz music (as long as there is minimal singing IMO). However on the whole, I will probably sell these and settle for something more bass/mid centric such as the HD 600/650 which are widely praised in combination with my current DAC/amp.


i guess the Treble will sound better in case you had a good DAC, sometimes the headphone alone can't shine, unless you pair it with something on the same tier, don't know how good is your E-DAC nor the O2 but i won't let them drive 1k USD headphone. 
Get Beyerdynamic A20 amp and say goodbye to spiky treble on T1. No, seriously.
I have not noticed harsh or sibilant treble on my pair either. I think there is a synergy or quality issue.
Also if you decide you want something more bass/mid centric I would recommend the Audeze range. The HD650/600's are too big a quality drop IMO.
laon, but the frequency response curves also show huge treble spikes so I'm guess the A20 is colouring the real sound of the T1?
nigeljames, I have considered the Audeze range but I think they'd be too heavy and uncomfortable for me, same would be true of the HifiMan range (though the new ones to be released shortly might be interesting).
Shini44, if its to do with the DAC why is everything else except the treble superb?
I agree about the harsh highs. I owned T1 for a while, then sold it. For me, it was too bright.
@Shini44 Ye man , buy an amp / dac that costs 1000$+ and just colors away the flaws of your headphone. 
Yeah, everything must be "neutral" and "transparent", never mind pleasing your ear.
High Fidelity is neutral. If you like to distort the sound to please your ear , no problem you can do so. But throwing around comments like "the headphone alone can't shine, unless your pair it with something of the same 'tier'" is just wrong.
From the discussion so far maybe we can agree that the T1 works well with certain amps that compensate for its flaws, however, the signature of the T1 has some issues in the treble that will remain if you use an amp that simply "amplifies" the input i.e. you need amp that functions as an amplifier + equalizer for the T1 to sound its best.
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