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beyerdynamic Tesla T1 Reviews

Positive Reviews


T1 impressions (HD800 comparison inside)


Pros: Soundstage, accuracy , tonal balance, slight fun factor, build quality

Cons: bothersome treble for 8khz sensitive people, slightly too "common" compared to the best headphones

Please forgive my english. It's not my native language and the text below is translated frome the french Original feedback here           Introduction   It's really hard to give up his own tastes in any objective consideration when headphones are tested. Much of the feedback made by enthusiasts on the web related implys that the author likes enough the headphone to take the time to put his impressions on paper. However, it is uncommon to see written feedbacks dedicated to a headphone that the author does not like. But it is the case for me: I do not like the Beyerdynamic T1. If I had tried it in a store, I would have probably & definitely put it...
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Negative Reviews


A $700 headphone masquerading as a flagship


Pros: Excellent detail and instrument separation, good balance between bass, mids and treble; relatively lightweight and comfortable

Cons: unacceptable distortion, erratic highs, this is not worth $1,400, not even close

Please be advised that I am only writing this review to help other buyers. I am not trying to upset any T1 owners and it's my honest opinion. If you think it's unfair please state so in the comments and I can reconsider although I have enough experience with headphones now to know what I like.   First, let me note for the reader that if you google the three words beyerdynamic t1 deal, you'll see that every month or so an internet retailer sells brand new T1s for $750 to $780 (and these seem to be authorized retailers, for example one deal was from Buydig which is Beach Camera if I understand correctly, which is listed as an authorized retailer on Beyer's website; that deal even...
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More Reviews


Beyerdynamic T1


Pros: World class sound and comfort from Beyer

Cons: Cable isn't as pretty as rest of headphone

This is not going to be as thorough or long as my normal reviews for now - but I wanted to get something in place.  I have always liked Beyer headphones, but they all had some very defining character or flavor - even the most neutral, the DT880/600, was a little hot in the treble and a little light in the bass, IMO.   Well, the T1 changes all that.  While maybe just a touch lush, it is possessed of an amazing transparency and neutrality.  While slightly behind the Sennheiser HD800 in terms of midrange transparency and soundstage realism, it beats all other dynamic headphones in those areas, and slightly bests the HD800 in terms of treble smoothness and realistic bass.  The T1 has an...
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Liquid Mids of the T1


Pros: Soundstage, balanced, detailed, liquid mids

Cons: Headband is a little flimsy

The Beyer T1 will always hold a special place for me. This is because this was my first flagship headphone. I had thought long and hard over choosing the HD 800, LCD 2/3 and the T1. Many thanks to Wilson and Claire for their ceaseless patience and unstinting hospitality as I went back and forth between the various candidates over a month or two.    I finally settled for the T1 as my first pair for two simple reasons: the liquid mids and the fact that Jaben in Singapore had "balanced-ready" T1s whereby the T1s came modded with mini XLR connectors. Which was wonderful so that I could use them single ended or in due course balanced.   How time has flown and I now have a...
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Frank I

T1 a near perfect headphone


Pros: Very musical with great detail,bass and a stellar high end

Cons: expensive

When I ordered the T1 I really was not sure it would be a keeper. I bought a open box unit with full warranty. The headphones were burned in so listening time was much quicker for me as they needed no burn in. The first time I put them on using my Matrix M Stage and Marantz DV6001 was uneventful. There were no wow moments with this headphone.   During the weeks that followed with the T1 I started to realize there were no problems or colorations I could identify. I started to realize that there was something special with the T1. The sound reminded me less hifi and more of a live musical event. I had noticed the tone of instruments were nearly what I had heard live in a concert...
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Simply my favourite ever!


Pros: Incredibly balanced and the best all rounder I've heard

Cons: Nothing yet.

My comments echo Skylab's. These are simply the best dynamic headphones I've ever heard. While the may not be technically equal to the Sennheiser HD800s, they certainly make up in the fact that their overall presentation simply works better than every headphone I've heard to date.   I love the HD800s, but I limit listening to them to jazz, classical, and some prog rock. The T1s on the other hand are incredible all rounders and work with everything that I've ever thrown at them. They even rival my all time favourite rock cans the Grado RS1s.   These are simply amazing cans and my personal favourites! Well done beyerdynamics!

T1 vs Grado (GS1000 and RS2)


Pros: Neutral, Comfortable, Well built, Detailed and comfortable sound, Soundstage!

Cons: High Impedence means you cant use it with portable sources like iPods

I have been a fan of Grado sound for over 4 years now. My first set of cans was Grado SR60 which I replaces with the RS2 and finally with GS1000. I loved their fastpaced and fun sound, they are and forever will be the perfect Rock and Metal and Bollywood cans! (Yes I am a big fan of music from India). But I could never wear them for more than an hour because my head would be hurting with what some call harsh treble.   Now before I go further in this review, I want to talk a little bit about my music philosophy (for whatever its worth  ): "When headphone makers such as Grado, Sennheiser, beyerdynamic, AKG release their headphones they never tell you what source or amplifier to use. Thus I...
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An Outstanding All-Rounder - The Best All- Rounder? Perhaps...


Pros: Comfort, transparency, staging / imaging, versatility

Cons: Will absolutely reveal your weakest source links

Beyerdynamic are a well known name in the headphone industry and in the professional audio world. I have toyed with the idea of purchasing Beyers on many occasions, but never pulled the trigger... until now. Specifications Style:  Semi-open Frequency response:  5 - 50,000 Hz Impedance:  600 ohms Nominal SPL:  102 dB Overview The T1s sit squarely at the top of the Beyerdynamic tree of headphones and were their first Tesla headphone. The Tesla nomination relates to the amount of magnetic force in the driver mechanism of the headphone. In general terms, 1 tesla of magnetic force is massive and it means that the drivers are very sensitive. I want to equate it to...
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Beyerdynamic T1, very stronk (+comparisons)


Pros: the mids, the soundstage, the imaging/detail.

Cons: cable is bulky, treble harshness for some people

  Beyerdynamic Tesla T1 (Gen 1) review *May include some crappy comical memes*     After owning so much dynamic headphones, I stumbled upon the T1. I loved it; except I *accidentally* made hole in the diaphragm while I was trying to reconnect that less-than-hair-thick-cable that I popped out from driver to circuit. I still had some headphones that I had before buying the T1; Sennheiser HD598,650,700 and AKG K712 (and M70x, but m70x is closed back).   the closest headphones that produced "right" sound signature to me, was HD700, except it was slightly bright, with tight bass. I decided I'd just use this HD700 till end of my life.   Except we...
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T1, a very competative TOTL offering


Pros: Detail, imaging, tonal balance, intimate feel to music, solid build quality

Cons: The cable is underwhelming, some strange soundstage stuff in unique cases

Boilerplate stuff   Audio setup -     FLAC files in Media Monkey -> Amazon Basics TOSLINK cable -> Schiit Bifrost w/Uber upgrade -> Knukoncept Shielded RCAS -> Project Ember with 80's Amprex 7062 tube   Music -     Nabucco, Vienna Philharmonic and Vienna State Opera Chorus conducted by Lamberto Gardelli, 1965     Why So Serious, Hans Zimmer, the Dark Knight OST   I'm the first own for these cans (which is unusual for me, but I did get they way under MSRP), and didn't really pay attention to them through the break in period of about 100 hours, but that's not a huge deal. MY last pair of Beyers was some...
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The Monkey

Oh, Did I Ever Want to Love These


Pros: Great build quality, no terrible flaws

Cons: Joyless, lack of impact and immediacy

BORROWED FROM A FELLOW MEMBER   Wow, did I want to love these headphones.  And I just don't.  They're fine.  They don't do anything horribly wrong.  But the also don't do anything extraordinary, and for the price being charged, they should.  I think the HD800 is better.  However, it is a very comfortable phone and the build quality is superb.  Just a bit blah to me.

Tesla 1, the new kid on the block.....


Pros: Neutrality and naturalness of the sound.

Cons: Very unforgiving of poor quality recordings.

I won't get too technical or get too in depth int his review. I will just state what I believe these headphones do and how they sound, just very straight to the point.   The T1 is beyerdynamics' latest entry into full size open dynamic headphones. This model can achieve one Tesla with it's new driver and magnet system. This allows the T1 to be far more efficient and easier to amp than the DT880/600Ohm by quite a bit. This also means your amp won't strain to power them like some amps do with the DT880/600 (and this is from my experience).    IMO the Tesla 1 is at about the same level of the HD800, but I vastly prefer the T1 as it sounds more natural and dare I say less synthetic...
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