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Perfect for what they are: analytical, tough, and uncompromising

A Review On: Beyerdynamic Tesla DT 1350

Beyerdynamic Tesla DT 1350

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Pros: Accuracy, neutrality, bass, highs, build quality, lack of distortion

Cons: Clamping force, uncompromising with inferior sources

Oh my. If this is how beyerdynamics builds their stuff, then I WANT MORE.


These are the perfect complimentary 'phone to my Sennheiser Momentums. Both are built like tanks, but the sound qualities are so different. Where the Momentum is warm and forgiving, the DT1350 is cold and analytical. Where the Momentums are mid-centric, these are flat. Where the Momentums have character (good character), these are robots.


This is the best analogy: the Momentum is Kirk, and the DT1350 is Spock.


I am a scientist, and love quantitative data to back up claims, but the frequency response curves for this headphone does not tell the whole story. I can tell you, as a former recording musician and possessor of a very sensitive ear, that these are as accurate as 'phones get in the under-$1,000 category. The sub-bass is strong and punchy, but not overdone. Bass is strong and present, but, again, not overdone. Mids are not recessed, but not overdone; very smooth. Treble: what a revelation! You can have treble, and plenty of it, but it doesn't have to be sibilant and piercing! Amazing! I was startled several times when I heard Paul McCartney breathing whilst singing on "She's Leaving Home". I really thought my wife was trying to talk to me - because I can't hear a darn thing with these on.


I didn't like the AKG K550 because it was too piercing, but I loved the accuracy. This is like the K550, minus the extreme pickiness of placement (although take your time with these) and fizzy highs. If you need a headphone that makes everything sound good, get the Momentum - it's seriously amazing. If you need a headphone that makes everything sound exactly as it was meant to sound, get this - it's seriously amazing!


Are these good for all genres of music and for an mp3 with a Fiio E12 amp?
Did you ever listen to the Grado's are they anywhere near these headphones?
Well, comparing them to Grados is a strange one. They're fast and sharp in attack, which is similar, but more low end and more accurate. As for their performance with an E12, I couldn't say, but they are easily drivable by anything.
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