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Good sound but poor comfort

A Review On: Beyerdynamic Tesla DT 1350

Beyerdynamic Tesla DT 1350

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Pros: Neutral sounding

Cons: does not fit my ears and head well

I tried many ways to fit these headphone but i can not find a way to make it fit confortable. i cannot listen to this headphone for more than 30 min than my ears start hurting. i tried bending and repositioning but it does not work for me. My trusted HD25-1 II with the velvet earpads and shortened HD650 cable sits much more comfortable on my head and can listen to it for hours.

Yes, the DT1350 is sonnically a bit more neutral / ballanced but what good does it when ears are hurting?

So comfort and quality must go hand in hand in my opinion.

Soon i'll try the amperiorĀ  :)


I also own the DT1350 and I have the same sentiments, though I can't compare them to the HD-25 (or any other supra-aural headphones for that matter) which was what I was considering along with these. While they do indeed sound great, I can't wear them for more than 20 minutes with glasses, and without after about 45 minutes it becomes slightly uncomfortable. I haven't tried any bending yet, so that may be an option, but I don't see them working out with glasses since they require a good clamp for the best sound quality. Stylistically and construction-wise, they are very nice, and quite neutral, but comfort is a major plus for me. Since I preferred something portable and with good isolation, I've moved into IEM territory. The Tesla driver is something though!
I wear also glasses so i needed to relief some pressure from the upper part of the pads. I bent the angular shaped bracket that holds the swivel a little inwards. Its made of steel so a bit tough to bend. i stopped fiddeling with it because i think i will sell them ...i wish i could buy some iem's but my ear canals are to small to fit any uni-fit iem...
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