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Beyerdynamic Tesla DT 1350 in the house

A Review On: Beyerdynamic Tesla DT 1350

Beyerdynamic Tesla DT 1350

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Pros: Very neutral, Comfortable for long listening, Good Isolation

Cons: Narrower Sound stage than open cans

I have been mainly a Sennheiser fan for many years. The DH650's are my go to home HP's and the HD25-1 ii's are the "On the road" reference HP's. There I was in Best Buy and much to my surprise next to the latest Beats was a couple of pair of the DT-1350's! So before I knew what I was doing I had them in the car and plugged into the Fostex HP-P1 and the iPod Classic filled with AIFF lossless files. Luckily I had some time between appointments!


Over the next 4 days I have logged 15+ hours on them and I am really enjoying the experience. They are a terrific compliment to the Senn HD25's. More neutral with a smoother Bass. The 25's have more low end punch.


I found that I had a similar experience to the one Jude described in Head-Fi TV Episode 004:



I am now tossing both the HD25's and the DT-1350's into the bag for travel. I'll post more as I get more time and can consider my comments, but each of these portable reference headphones are long term keepers!


Keep both, the HD25 for popular music in general and the DT1350 for Jazz, Instrumental music etcetera. The DT1350 is quite versatile but sounds less 'fun' than than the HD25 for certain genres like Rock, EDM and Pop...
My feelings too so far. They both have a home here!
I am an elctronic music listener, but I own the DT 1350. I amp my DT 1350 to be a bit more emphasized in the lower bass regions, using a JDS Labs cMoyBB with the bass boost switch turned on. Much electronic music (and pop music) often use the entire sound spectrum at almost the same time. I think the bass amped DT 1350 sounds very well with its grand mids and clear highs. I like that better than a fun sounding headphone, so I can always turn on some Frank Sinatra as well. ;)
All the portability conveniences these cans have, combined with the great sound, make the DT1350 the perfect choice for me.
No surprise you are enjoying them. You will appreciate their flexibility with many styles of music.
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