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A Review On: Beyerdynamic Tesla DT 1350

Beyerdynamic Tesla DT 1350

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Pros: -Sounds great -Very portable

Cons: Need to play around with fitment to get a nice seal. Gets hot.

I already have a nice computer rig to listen to, but I will be transferring to school in another place, so not wanting to lug around my computer, etc I set out for a nice pair of portables.


Choices were quite easy for me - it was between the HD25-1 II and the Beyerdynamic DT1350 as I wanted the best pair I could get in terms of durability and SQ.


At this very moment I do own both pairs of headphones. I originally bought the HD25s first because it was the most recommended pair of portables I had read about. When I received them, I thought, "They really live up to the hype" After a day or two I read about the DT1350 completely beating out the DT1350, so I just had to order myself a pair to see what that was all about.


Fast forward a week and my DT1350s arrived. I took them out immediately and tried them out and my first impressions were that they were extremely neutral. If I had to compare them to any pair of IEM/HP I have, I would say they are like a better sounding Etymotic HF-5 or HD600.


Bass: It is very well extended and is moderately punchy if the song calls for it. It doesn't sound as punchy as the HD25 most likely due to the mid-bass hump on the HD25. This is probably the reason why I thought the 1350 sounded a bit thin at first compare to the HD25.


Mids: There is no competition here between the DT1350 and HD25. The DT1350 have beautiful mids and aren't recessed at all compared to the HD25. I thought the HD25's mids sounded fine and then I put on the 1350 and the mids were upfront with the rest of the FR. This, in my opinion, is what makes the 1350 better than the HD25.


Highs: Don't have much to say here. I think they both have great treble and I can't really tell that much of a difference with either. Neither is harsh or fatiguing to listen to.


My only gripes with these HPs are that: I really have to fiddle around with the fitment to get them to seal all the way. They can get a little hot when sitting on my ears. The cable is also moderately microphonic, but not enough to annoy the crap out of me.


Overall, these headphones really impress and I could not be happier with this purchase.






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