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Beyerdynamic Tesla DT 1350 Reviews


Beyerdynamic DT 1350: A Review


Pros: Amazing sound, sounds alright even out of poor sources, great case comes with headphones, great isolation, very handsome and sturdy

Cons: Not many user replacable parts, a little pricey, uncomfortable for long listening sessions, some design/aesthetic flaws, very finicky

I couldn't believe my ears the first time I heard the DT1350. It seriously blew me away. I was expecting it to sound pretty good, given all of the positive reception it has been receiving here and elsewhere, but Jesus. I wasn't expecting it to sound *this good. * In fact, I was so awestruck by it that I even thought it might be better than my full-sizes. (It's not, as I later confirmed--though it played a lot nicer with my jazz collection than my Denon AHD2000, to my ears. Mingus's The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady was simply beautiful on the DT1350.)   The Great:   -The sound. I've listened to the Sennheiser HD 25-1 II, which many people seem to agree is the best...
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Perfect for what they are: analytical, tough, and uncompromising


Pros: Accuracy, neutrality, bass, highs, build quality, lack of distortion

Cons: Clamping force, uncompromising with inferior sources

Oh my. If this is how beyerdynamics builds their stuff, then I WANT MORE.   These are the perfect complimentary 'phone to my Sennheiser Momentums. Both are built like tanks, but the sound qualities are so different. Where the Momentum is warm and forgiving, the DT1350 is cold and analytical. Where the Momentums are mid-centric, these are flat. Where the Momentums have character (good character), these are robots.   This is the best analogy: the Momentum is Kirk, and the DT1350 is Spock.   I am a scientist, and love quantitative data to back up claims, but the frequency response curves for this headphone does not tell the whole story. I can tell you, as a...
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Beyerdynamic Tesla DT 1350 in the house


Pros: Very neutral, Comfortable for long listening, Good Isolation

Cons: Narrower Sound stage than open cans

I have been mainly a Sennheiser fan for many years. The DH650's are my go to home HP's and the HD25-1 ii's are the "On the road" reference HP's. There I was in Best Buy and much to my surprise next to the latest Beats was a couple of pair of the DT-1350's! So before I knew what I was doing I had them in the car and plugged into the Fostex HP-P1 and the iPod Classic filled with AIFF lossless files. Luckily I had some time between appointments!   Over the next 4 days I have logged 15+ hours on them and I am really enjoying the experience. They are a terrific compliment to the Senn HD25's. More neutral with a smoother Bass. The 25's have more low end punch.   I found that...
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Great closed headphone.


Pros: comfy, closed, sound quality, ergonomics.

Cons: none

I bought these to use in the office at work as my other headphones are Grado SR325is which are open and therefore bleed too much noise.   I spent a lot of time reading reviews and trying to choose between these and the HD25-ii's. I'm very happy with this purchase - they don't sound *quite* as good as the Grado's I have, but they're excellent in every other respect.   The treble isn't quite as crisp on these as the SR325is's, you can't always pick out the detail in high-hats or cymbals as well as the Grados. but in every other respect they sound great, this really is nitpicking.   They're much lighter and easier to wear, the single (much thinner) cable and...
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Average closed portable headphones


Pros: Durable, very transportable, good clarity, decent musical versatility

Cons: Uncomfortable, slow impulse response, prone to unnatural-sounding instruments

Originally published on June 2, 2013   (click for larger pic) - download a printable 5-page PDF version of this review (right-click the link & save target, or just tap for mobile devices) Intro I'll admit it upfront, I haven't exactly been a fan of Beyerdynamic's headphones so far. The 2005 DT880, 2003 DT770-80, 2003 DT250-80, T50p, T1, and T70 have all been disappointments to me in one way or another. But when I started reading the raving on the DT1350 last year, including by Tyll Hertsens (of InnerFidelity.com), I decided that I had to hear them for myself and ordered up a pair in November 2012. This review is hence based on approximately 5 months of ownership (Nov '12...
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The Headphones I wanted to hate!


Pros: Good build, easy to remove and rest above ears or neck, isolation

Cons: short cord, unremovable cord

I didn’t realize that these were an on-ear design until after I ordered them. I was kicking myself as I knew they wouldn’t be to my liking with the whole isolation thing’. I almost requested an RMA before they even arrived. However, when they did arrive I just had to open the box and again, I looked into the pouch and saw those diminutive cups while I gently shook my head from side-to-side. Even so, I decided to try them. At first I thought that I was trying to force myself that they were not that bad. But then when I started to listen to them and also to feel how they molded to my years, I noticed that they were quite comfortable. Also, the isolation is considerably better than I...
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Simply one of the best portables


Pros: Spectacular bass, rich mids. Supreme clarity and detail. Isolation.

Cons: Small soundstage, clamping

Simply spectacular phones.   DT1350 is a very unique headphone with a warmish natural sound. I am yet to hear anything like this. It has very punchy as satisfying bass, rich yet not too forward mids, and smooth and extended highs. However, what is important is the clarity and detail. DT1350 is better than SE535, costing $200 more, in terms of detail and clarity.   About myself: http://www.head-fi.org/t/674373/story-of-a-new-reviewer-kimvictor   Here is by break down: Sub bass: Well extended and deep Mid bass: Punchy and impactful Lower mid: Slightly thick and rich Upper mid: Clear and slightly forward Lower treble: Clean and detailed. Upper Treble:...
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Probably best portable headphone all time


Pros: Balance , Neutral , Comfy , Isolation , Portable

Cons: Soundstage , Little Bass lack

:)I have this headphone for a year. I must say that this is the greatest close-sealed headphone I have ever heard at the level of $300. Some people say DT1350 isn't comfy at all . At first ,I had the same feeling about this. However, as time went by , DT1350 become more and more comfy. At sound quility , I think it kick HD-25 sp ii's ass. It's treble and mid have lots of energy impact , and it's bass is deep . It's very nuetral and balanced ,so It suits well with people who love to listen all kinds of music. Although it is unfair to judge this size of headphone (closed) , it's sound stage is small . You need to require more effort to imagine a stage (and it sounds like you're on...
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Beyerdynamic DT1350


Pros: Sound Quality, form factor, cool case, isolation

Cons: price, sensitivity, sort of uncomfortalbe

I love them - great sound, a detailed, slightly warm, non-fatiguing sound signature.  They are very portable, cool looking, well built.   I tolerate the lack of comfort and the fact that they are quite sensitive, and leave most amps with very little volume travel.

Glad I auditioned them...


Pros: Nice isolation, and ergonomics. Good packaging effort. "Honest" - Good materials sound awesome, bad materials sound like the crap they are.

Cons: Clamping a little tight, have to bend the frame to loosen a little. Microphonics a little irritating when listening in low levels. Mids can improve.

Decided to go shopping to buy myself a replacement for the Sennheiser HD25-1 which has served its purpose touring with me for the last 9 years. Auditioned quite a few headphones, and almost missed the DT1350. Thankfully I was not happy with the sound of the other headphones and headed to another shopping district and chanced upon the DT1350 on demo. Fell in love with the voicing. Had bad relationship with Beyerdynamics in the past, and hated the DT90, but the DT1350 won me over. Big time. Glad I gave the cans a chance, and fell in love. Well done, Beyer. Mids could be more accurate in my opinion. The high mids somehow sounds a little off. I am used to listening to studio monitors and use...
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