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Beyerdynamic T90 Premium Stereo Headphone Reviews

Positive Reviews


Best headphones I've heard yet


Pros: Bass, Treble, Overall very balanced neutral

Cons: Non-removal cable

This was supposed to be an extremely short review of the Beyerdynamic T90 after owning them for several weeks. Didn’t really notice the sound changing (burn-in) as I’ve owned them. Setup is a custom built desktop running Windows 8.1 and Ubuntu Gnome 14.10. Music sources are FLAC files played through Foobar2K and streaming Google Play Music. I used ifi nano > ifi micro ican > T90.   Ergonomics Beyer as usual knocked the ball out of the park. I never thought something would be as comfortable as the DT990, but Beyer has outdone themselves. Clamping is light. Almost feels like you have nothing on your head allowing you to get lost in the music. The pads are microfiber. No...
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Negative Reviews


Perhaps my ears are broken?


Pros: Comfortable, well built.

Cons: The way they sound!

In two words, hugely disappointing. I was looking for an open-back 'phone to use as an alternative to my AKG 550s and having owned Sennheiser HD 600s and AKG K701s previously, I thought I give Beyerdynamic a try and I was REALLY hoping I would like the T90s The T90s have plenty of positive reviews, with the consensus seeming to be that they are supposed to be a bit more open, lively and less 'dark' sounding than the HD600s, which sounded just what I was after. I know personal preferences will be a huge factor, but I found the T90s unbelievably thin and tinny sounding - note this is being driven from an Audioquest Dragonfly, with 24/96 files and not just an iPod or portable device, so I...
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More Reviews


A superb headphone at a reasonable price.


Pros: Detailed, elegant sounding. Outstanding comfort. Well balanced.

Cons: Occasional piercing treble (depending on recording)

My first review on head-fi.  I have only had the T90s for a few weeks, and have maybe 30 hours of listening time so far.  I have mainly been listening to ripped CDs (44.1khz/16) and some HD 96Khz/24 recordings.  I've also listened to some 320kbs streaming audio.  My audio path is a Macbook pro to an O2/ODAC via USB.  I also have a DacMagicXS that I use at work.   I came to the T90s from a set of ATH-M50 cans.  Putting on the T90s was a revelation.  I never realized how much more music there was to the recordings, in almost all cases.   One of my personal peeves regarding playback systems in general, is a tendency for many to emphasize one...
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One of the All Time Bests...


Pros: Great Overall Tonality, Accurate Bass, Extreme Resolving Power, Very Comfortable and very affordable...

Cons: Clicking sometimes in adjusting headset

I can not believe these headphones are rated at #64 in this category.   I have had many headphones in the last few years and sold most of them once I discovered these Beyer T90's.   No headphones are perfect and a lot of them are far from even being close.   I am not going to be-little other cans here but the T90s deserve a listen to and compare for yourself how great they are compared to your other cans.   Using cuts from Brian Broombergs "Wood" cd allows you to see how well and accurate bass from a musical instrument really can sound in a set of headphones.   The bass is as good as my LCD2's IMO.   The human voice both male and female are...
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awsome very neutral headphones giving you everything your source has to give


Pros: extended range, very neutral but also very lively, great detail

Cons: large

I purchased these headphone after comparing to the Sennheisers HD650, the Grado PS-500, Hifiman HE-400 and HE-500.   They are very neutral but have a lively sound with great extension into the high and the lows. By neutral I mean they give what is on the recording. There is no bass boost. If it`s there you will get it and as deep as it goes.   By comparison they are closest to the HD650 slight smaller soundstage but lively instead of polite. Your foots starts tapping to the music and you are taken away.  Much more range extension, both bass and treble compared to the Grados.  As for the hifimen, as much detail as the he400 but none of it`s high end quirks....
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A sneak peak into Hi Fi


Pros: Amazing instrumental imaging, amazing detail retrieval, beautiful sound stage.

Cons: non-detachable cable, unforgiving with poor recordings .

Beyerdynamic T90 Review Headphone - Beyerdynamic Tesla90 {250 Ohm} [Open] Portable Amplifier – iFi iCan Nano Player Source – Lenovo Y470 Music Source – 16/44.1kHz CD FLAC & 24/192kHz FLAC Music Bands – Eric Clapton , Westlife , Michael Buble , Jason Mraz , Chris Daughtry, David Cook, Maroon5 , Taylor Swift , Green Day , Avenged Sevenfold. Introduction Having done research on the leading products on Hi Fi headphones over the past few months, I’ve audited a small group of Hi Fi headphones, such as the Senn HD800, Beyer T1, Beyer T5, Beyer DT990, AKG 701, AKG 702 etc. Every one of these headphones showcased very different sound signatures and built quality. I have read online reviews...
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Exciting, Natural, Detailed cans


Pros: Natural and smooth sound, exciting treble, bass texture, comfort

Cons: On the brighter side, lower bass impact and quantity, the cable might be an issue

After owning the Beyerdynamic T90 for more than a year, I'm finally ready to post a review. Since I purchased these wonderful headphones, I've had the chance to test out many fantastic offerings from more brands than I can remember, but I keep coming back to the T90. It's the mainstay of my collection. The T90 has outlasted headphones from Fostex, Hifiman, and AKG. Even when compared to cans that cost a great deal more, the T90 offers a unique and addictive sound that can't be found elsewhere - certainly not at its price.     In terms of sound, these remind me of the new Grado "e" series headphones in that they're a tad on the bright side, but have a very natural...
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Best headphones I've ever tried


Pros: punch, transparency, detail, clarity, definition, soundstage

Cons: Not for bassheads, non-detatchable cable

Best headphones I've tried up to date (and I've tried the rs1e, the hd650 and the k702 among others)

THE transparent all rounder coupled with O2 Odac


Pros: very transparent and comfortable

Cons: first 5 hours not very good, too clear with bad records, limited soundstage (IMO)

I coupled the O2 Odac with this T90 to have the most transparent  combo possible for the price. After 1 month and almost 80 hours of usage, I can honestly it is the best purchase of my life I may not have the most fancy amplifier, but spending more would have been a waste of money and space !  Every song I throw at it is perfectly transcripted (all genres from classic to rock and Pop): -bass : just what is required, precise, deep -middle : very good, voices have volume and detail -treble : definitely the strong point with extreme clearness especially with classic music where it takes all its power. Special mention for classical music : if you would like to have good/very...
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Pros: interesting sound signature !

Cons: nothing much ~

if you have the money , go get it , it is definately bang for the buck !!! Hi Fi sound !! open sound stage !

Upgrade from DT990 pro to T90


Pros: extremely clear high, slightly dynamic in sound, bass very tight, midrange sounds pretty neutral, Smooth soundstage

Cons: I feel that the earpads are a bit hot after a while, clamping force a bit too tight to me, maybe because of the pad

I have been looking for upgrades after using DT990 pro for more than 4 years.   I bought this T90 immediately when I see that ebay sold this headphone for 409 USD.   The first thing that caught my ears is its crystal clear high and clean separation of instruments.   This headphone is not bassy, but it has a very tight bass that provides enough impact on your ears.   The airy sound of the open back design really stands out, even though its soundstage is not as wide as the AD900x, it provides a very good smooth feel when it comes to songs that contains tons of instruments.   This beast is simply not the same class as the DT990 pro. The use of Tesla magnet...
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