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Beyerdynamic T70p

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Pros: Build quality, high resolution, balanced tone, great extension, wonderful bass, stellar comfort

Cons: Mids a bit recessed (with standard pads), highs slightly too strong, spaciousness not brilliant (with standard pads)

Great headphones with well recorded music.


With modern recordings mixed with plenty of high frequencies it just pierce your eardrum, but perfect with Chesky and similar well made recordings.


My trick to make them sound wonderful is reversing the pads, it is a bit uncomfortable (the hard part of the pad is on your skull) but the gain is so big that I am happy like this. (I couldn't find any suitable pads that gives the same mid/spaciousness effect.


UPDATE: I found the AKG k240 pads + some foam on the frontal part of the pads to be perfect with these headphones, now with some burn in and the new pads I found the bass amazingly tight and bottomless, the mids are not recessed anymore, also with the new pads more punch was obtained. The spaciouness is now far beyond any closed cans I ever tried (even more than the AKG K550) and many other open headphones. I can't believe that a closed can could deliver such a spaciouness and soundstage and still preserving the good aspects of a closed can. At beyer they must have used some hybrid technology (see the lateral port on the caps) even though because the isolation is not perfect.


I have to say that the new pads didn't fix the highs which are still a tiny bit too pronounced on some recordings for my taste, this can be tiring especially listening to female singers for a long time, however I also found that with some well recorded acoustic music (jazz and baroque without tons of post processing) the high frequencies are amazingly pleasant and revealing, adding that "real" sensation to my ear.


I think these headphones with this configuration (AKG pads) are perfect for professional studio recording, they are an extremely revealing and balanced, crystal clear, high resolution machine, well done Beyerdynamic.


Please notice that I am also firmly convinced that talking about things like the amplitude of the different frequency sections is a very personal evaluation, since this aspect is strictly associated to a large extent to the shape of the ear canal of a specific subject and to a less extent to the shape of the pinna, without mention the psychoacoustic response of the brain. However it does exist something like the "average" listener which has an "average" frequency response perception, but statistically there will always be many people outside this average range that will hear things differently, especially in terms of frequency amplitude perception in the high frequency range. A more "scientific" evaluation should be done between parametrically equalised headphones using open ear canal probes and good linear near field loudspeakers.


P.S. These cans are also by far the most easy to drive headphones I ever tried, altough they still benefit of a good amplicifation in terms of clarity, resolution and vividness of the bass section.




Hey, I'm also a T70 user. Was thinking which pad to choose. Well, over here I find it a hard time to get that K240 pad mod, but nevertheless I'll try to find it. U mean, u just installed the K240 pad and then add..what foam? Did u try the DT770 pads?
Yes the K240 pads fit with no problems at all. I tried a number of different pads included the ones for the DT770 (VELOUR AND PLEATHER) i also tried the ones in real leather for aviation applications (particularly these one were awful) the results were always unacceptable to my ears, particularly, all the pads included the original ones, caused mids recession, I wanted the mids more forwarded and I wanted more ambience and I got both of them by chance, with the original pads reversed (yes I know it is crazy, with the hard part on your ear and the soft part on the ear piece, everything put together with some electrical tape), don't ask me how and why I came out with this idea :) but the system did work like a charm, apart the little discomfort for my ear and the ugliness of the arrangement. Since then I have been looking for a more beautiful and comfortable solution and eventually I met a friend which happened to possess the AKG K240, in 1 ms I dismantled the pads and I mounted them on the t70p (I did the same for a large number of other friend's headphones pads, annoying them a lot :) ) and magic! It worked, no anymore recessed mids. I immediately searched on the internet to find the pads, it took me 15 emails and two calls and one month but eventually I got them (they are also pretty cheap), I still didn't get that beautiful 3d effect that I got with the reversed original pads, so I tried different solutions and eventually I got it, I used some foam like the one used for the pads, precisely just part of a ring 1 cm thick (let's say 90 degree of an entire foam ring, or if you want a quarter of a ring) and I inserted it between the pad and the ear piece in the front area (the one close to your eyes when you wear the headphones) and et voila! The 3D effect was back with a lot more ambience and also tighter bass beacuse of the better sealing due to the material of the pads (nice pleather). Please notice that the k240 pads differ substantially from the beyer pads, they don't have the hard cover that face the earpiece that you can find in all the beyer pads, I think this is the major cause of the change in the mids amplitude. Also the AKG pads are a bit larger and incredibly more comfortable than the original ones, with these pads I can wear these cans for hours and hours without even feeling them on my ears. Anyway, a little adventure, but eventually I am extremely satisfied about these headphones, I believe the tesla drivers do an amazing job. My next step before buying other headphones will be equalise my headphones according with my ear canal, recording the response at my ear drums, and using a 20 bands professional parametric equaliser, I am sick of different opinions about headphones frequency response and timbre, these 2 parameters are too depndent on our ears, that's why there is such a large discrepancy of opinions. I hope all this can help your listening experience.
Sounds complicated. So,
1, buy a k240 replacement pad (leatherette)
2, what ring? What material?
Sorry ya, I've never mod a headphone before, so I'm not really sure where to find the materials and what item will affect which part of the sound.
I'll make a post with pictures and details soon, it is very easy, you'll see, absolutely nothing complicated, just some scissors and normal foam.
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