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A Review On: Beyerdynamic T5p

Beyerdynamic T5p

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Pros: details, build quality, dynamic

Cons: heavy

I've been looking for a over ear closed back headphones that I could wear anywhere for a while. My Bose QC15 is great when I take a plane or train (good noise cancellation, very comfortable), but the sound quality is rubbish. My Grado SR325 sounds amazing at home, but I couldn't even wear it on my bed because my girlfriend would complain about the sound leak. My Bowers & Wilkins p5 looks cool but sounds rubbish and uncomfortable because I wear glasses. My Shure SE530 sounds very good but doesn't have the slam and the airiness the full size headphones does. The Beyerdynamic T5P is just simply like having all of those headphones combined. The details is just amazing. I couldn't even believe a closed back headphone could sound this good. The price is pretty high, but it is still cheaper than buying 4 "one trick" headphones I mentioned above. 

1 Comment:

I owned the T5p as well and enjoyed it somewhat but there was something off about the sound signature for me.
Now I'm a proud owner of the Audio Technica ESW11LTD and I'm much happier with that as a portable than the T5p.

Anyway, if you enjoy it, have fun
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