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Mediocre Headphones for a Steep price

A Review On: Beyerdynamic T5p

Beyerdynamic T5p

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Pros: Accurate. Not Grainy. Very good dynamic range

Cons: Case. No removeable cable. Presentation. Very electronic sound

EDIT: After trying more TOTL headphones and electrostats, I bumped the rating down.

Please keep in mind I'm reviewing them for the purpose they were created. Beyerdynamic targeted them at mobile users who are looking for high end portable cans. I spend 2-3 hours on the go every day and the transit here is very loud so I need something that isolates. I also can't really be using semi-open or open backed cans in the library where I'll be distracting people.

Build Quality:
The build quality is VERY high in my opinion. Everything feels very sturdy. The cups swivel a bit so you can move one side behind your ear if someone is talking to you. The hinges feel very sturdy which was a big concern for me when I bought them but the materials used are very strong.
The padding is fantastic. As long as I put them on correctly (will talk about that more later) they were very comfortable. It's all natural leather (or so I have been told).
I really would have liked for the cables to be removable.
There's one design flaw which I will discuss later on.

Presentation was very poor for a $1300 pair of cans. It came in a small white cardboard box. The headphones themselves were tucked into their felt case which was really disappointing since they originally came in a nice aluminum case.
When I received them I thought they were the wrong model, it just looked so underwhelming when compared to the presentations of headphones like the D7000 and LCD2.

the comfort is superb. the only headphones I've tried that were more comfortable were the HD800. The padding is nice and thick so your ears don't touch the driver/the inside of the cups.
The padding for the headband is very plush and just forms around your skull to perfectly distribute the weight.
Placing them correctly: It took me a while to get these on correctly at first. The pads are very large and you have to place your ears right in the middle so that the top of the pads don't rest on your ears. If they do, you'll probably notice discomfort very quickly. The headband has to be positioned perfectly as to not affect the sound or comfort. Since the drivers are angled, any change in the angle of the headband can affect the sound.

They isolate very well, which is not surprising considering they're marketed at high end portable use.
I use these in public on transit such as buses and trains. They don't isolate as well as the Bowers and Wilkins P5 or the Bose QC 15 but they do a good job for most situations.

Even though they're meant for portable use, I find they need to be driven by an amp. This led me to buy the Fiio e17 amp which I find pairs decently well with it. I leave it on low gain with some bass boost and a tad bit of treble boost.
Bass: The bass is VERY weak on these and if you're switching from bassier cans like the D7000 it can be a bit of a shock. There's also a dip in the mid-bass which made me think that they were defective at first since I couldn't hear the opening notes of a particular song.

On the upside, the bass is nice, tight and impactful. Sometimes too tight. Some songs have a very fast bass beat that gets smoothed out with slower cans but with these, you won't get that and sometimes might ruin the song, though, these headphones are not targeted for people who listen to that music anyway. The bass does not bleed into the mids like it did with my Bowers and Wilkins P5 headphones. They respond well to bass EQing with my E17 to give even more punch but they won't match up to basshead cans.

Mids: I found the mids VERY forward and I'm not someone who is mid-centric. I thought these headphones were quite warm.

Treble: The treble is bright which is good for me. Others may not like it as much. It's very crisp and clear with no noticeable graininess as long as your source files are good. These headphones hit all the highs and lows with precision.

Tonality: Something about beyers always sounds a bit off to me, unnatural, regardless of source and amping. This includes the T1, T5p, T90, etc.

The new carrying case for these is horribly flawed. The case crushes the connection cables to the cups and caused the connection in the left cup to break after a measly 2 months. I don't think this would have happened if they stuck with the aluminum case and it's very disappointing to have to send in a $1300 pair of headphones in for repairs after 2 months. Save yourself the trouble and get a good case that suits your needs without breaking them like the case for the lower models or maybe the Hippo Case L.

EDIT: Apparently Beyer is now offering the aluminum case again with these

Please leave feedback on my review in areas where I can improve! This is my first review so any constructive criticism is welcome


Nice another T5p review.
I've been comparing the T5p and Denon D5000 today, while I find the bass higher in volume on the D5k I find the quality of the bass yards and miles better on the T5p. Listening to the tone of piano and voices on the Denon makes the T5p tone sound a bit digital all of a sudden however.
I agree with what you said. The t5p didn't strike me as the most natural pair since I got them.
Great review. Does the E17 really work well with the t5p? How natural sounding are the tone controls?
Do you think these would be good for rock and metal, or should I get the signature pro instead?
@budget Not natural at all
@Daniel Never tried the sig pros
(I know I'm over a year late but for anyone else seeing this)
at first when I got the t5ps I was a little unimpressed. I compared them to my k702s and dynamically, stereo width, detail and presence are all better in first impressions with the k702 which is a quarter of the retail price of the t5ps.
then I compared them to my Mackie hr 824 mkii nearfields and they sounded almost identical.
ive changed my thought s on these in a positive way because I need cans that sound similar to my nearfields.
if I need separation I will switch to my k702 when needed
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