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A Review On: Beyerdynamic T 70 Over Ear Headphone, Black/Grey

Beyerdynamic T 70 Over Ear Headphone, Black/Grey

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Pros: Very airy, spacious, solid built, precise sound, comfort of use

Cons: Need very good amp and source, will be harsh in sound with many partable devices and computer sources. With bad recording - too bright and not relaxin

I will not write a long description, but just some subjective facts. 

I like them very much. I do have HD650 also, but when I want to be closer to music and see more truth in recordings I use T70. Lately they are my favourite headphones. Since about half a year. With good source the bass i sufficient and very precise, in fact very warm. Some phones may sound more relaxing but with the cost of losing  too many details. Here detailing is brillant. They are exceptional. But rather kind of love or hate headphones. Better for accoustic, jazz, orchestra than for rock and pop.


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