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Beyerdynamic T 70 Over Ear Headphone, Black/Grey Reviews

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Beyer Dynamic T70, Barely a Beyer


Pros: Style, Isolation, Comfort, Clarity

Cons: Bass shy, very bright, over-priced

  Beyer Dynamic T70 Barely a Beyer? Beyer Dynamic discontinued the older premium DT770, although it’s still available here and there, but they’ve kept their PRO series DT770’s available and their MX series headsets which are essentially the same thing, and then release the T70 which looks just like the DT770 does actually, with small differences, as their newest closed back headphone offering short of going to the high end tesla. The T70 is a tesla technology headphone, so it differs from the other DT series in sound quite a bit and efficiency. It also differs drastically in sound from the DT770, which is why I initially decided to get it to review: for the love of closed back...
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Rich in details, yet musical


Pros: Very airy, spacious, solid built, precise sound, comfort of use

Cons: Need very good amp and source, will be harsh in sound with many partable devices and computer sources. With bad recording - too bright and not relaxin

I will not write a long description, but just some subjective facts.  I like them very much. I do have HD650 also, but when I want to be closer to music and see more truth in recordings I use T70. Lately they are my favourite headphones. Since about half a year. With good source the bass i sufficient and very precise, in fact very warm. Some phones may sound more relaxing but with the cost of losing  too many details. Here detailing is brillant. They are exceptional. But rather kind of love or hate headphones. Better for accoustic, jazz, orchestra than for rock and pop.

An unique offering from Beyerdynamic


Pros: Detailed, Excellent mids and vocals, excellent isolation, portable

Cons: Slightly bright, Thin mid-bass, fixed cable

Overview In this review I will, as the title suggests, be talking about the T70p.  I purchased them because I wanted a good, full-sized portable headphone.  Because of the mixed views of these headphones they have reached some pretty low market prices, so I thought why not give them a shot!  In this review I will compare them primarily to two other headphones in my possession; the Shure 1540, and the Beyerdynamic DT990 pro. I will also discuss the effect of pad swapping with these headphones.  My source equipment was the Fiio e09k+ Fiio e17 for desktop usage, and for mobile use I used the brand new LG v10 smart phone, which in my mind is a superb mobile music player,...
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Incredible! The mixed reviews had me regretting my purchase until they finally came in the mail!


Pros: Very focused, powerful sound! Lovely listening experience.

Cons: Soundstage reduced due to closed back design

So this is my first review guys, and that's because I finally have a useful comparison to make! With Sennheiser's release of the 630VB, I caught the bug to get a high quality portable pair! However, I never pay full price and almost always buy used, and I was not about to pay 500 USD for a pair of sennheiser portables (My HD600s I got for 240 USD on ebay and I bet they are better then the 630VBs).  So began my search, I really wanted an audiophile grade closed back headset for portable use, I have Audiotechnica Ws99s which are a lovely bass headphone in the 100 dollar range with great mids, but I wanted more! That's when I stumbled on the Beyerdynamic T70 s on ebay. The impulse...
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Not the best in its price-range


Pros: Mids, Comfy & pretty flat spectrum

Cons: painfull treble-spike, over-priced & bass

So ill keep this short, and ill relate this to the norwegian market.   I have both Sennheiser HD650 & HD700, my experience with both is awesome, therefore I had huge expectations to these as in Norway the T70  is in the same price range as the Sennheisers. Even with High-end headphone amp I feel i miss something, I were running them at 250Ohm, and the clarity was great though it sounded so "surgical".   With surgical i mean that while other headphones in this range plays and actually gives me a greater experience of the original song, then these seem to either make the music sound ****, or make the songs flaws so accurate that I no longer feel the same good...
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