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Excellent Overall Performer

A Review On: Beyerdynamic DX 160 iE

Beyerdynamic DX 160 iE

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Pros: Superb sound (especially base and highs)

Cons: Isolation without Comply is a bit lacking on the other hand, Comply make isolation a bit to hard

Bought these as was specifically looking for a short cable headphones with decent sound quality and since I have read great reviews about previous models I decided to go for it. Delivered directly from Beyerdynamic in less than a week for 100 EUR + 30 EUR shipping (a bit steep).


I like:

- the flat cable (the cable is not as flat is some Monsters, which are to flat for my taste),

- design,

- comfort (these are the most comfortable pair of headphones, despite their heavy weight - I own Shure SE110, M-Audio IE30s (same as UE SuperFi.5) and a few Sony headphones from diffrent price ranges; none are as comfortable as the Beyer's)

- sound (I prefer a bassy sound so the sound is very good to me while some may argue its on the heavy side with base. The highs are very detailed while the mids are good, but as all mid-range headphones, are a bit lacking in some areas, mainly because of the heavy base)

- supplied accessories (despite the 100 EUR price range, you get a lot of accessories (hard case, double flanges, triple flanges, ordinary tips and a pair of medium Comply T400 tips and an extension cable as the primary lenght is 40 cm)


I don't like:

- weight (Its nice to have an all-metal housing and the appearance is great as they are not 'flashy' like some other headphones but they are definitely a heavy pair of in-ears. You do not feel it when your have them on but once you take them off, especially if the are hanging down, you know you have them around your neck - maybe exaggerating a bit)

- cable length (I thought that 40 cm would be just the right length but as the are a symmetrical Y-split instead of the asymmetrical Sony type of split, they just fall a bit to short for my taste). My perfect cable length would be around 60 cm.

- Isolation (a matter of preference. I am used to Comply's on the M-Audio IE30s so its not a fair comparison, but you can definitely achieve isolation with Comply's if you want to)



In my subjective opinion, these are the best in-ears for the 100 EUR price range and even up to 200 EUR. I wanted a short cable design so I had virtually no choice but these Beyers are just what I wanted. Also worth noting is that I have been a long time user of Comply's and I simply hate the fuss of putting the in and out if you have to do it often so I was hoping the Beyers would deliever without the use of Comply's and I am happy to say that they do. The double flanges are perfect for my ears and a slight lack of isolation is a good thing as Comply's really do block out everything and make the bass even more pronounce.





If I would have to describe the sound signature, I would say it is on the warm side, however some might even put it on the slightly dark side. Compared to Shure's SE110 and M-Audio IE30s, which are both on the bright side (the Sure's more so than M-Audio).

1 Comment:

Excuse me, but how is the sound signature? Is it dark, warm, neutral or bright? How do these compare to other well known IEM brands? Thank you.
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