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Beyerdynamic DX 160 iE Reviews

Positive Reviews


Huge sound for on the go at a reasonable price


Pros: Big full sound, great build, lots of accessories

Cons: Y splitter heavy

BEYERDYNAMIC iDX 160 iE   INTRO   If you're reading this you must be a Head-Fi member or just looking at reviews for a new pair of headphones or iem’s. Let me introduce myself, my name is Adam I am 38 years old obviously a male. I work in a machine shop and am required to wear hearing protection all day, so my hearing protection for my 8 hour shift is a pair of earbuds. I have been a member of the Head-Fi forum for awhile now, my journey to Head-Fi started by doing a web search for a new pair of earbuds for work. I am your average Joe, Dick or Harry and write my reviews towards the average consumer. A good amount of reviews are written with a bunch of audiophile lingo, that...
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Negative Reviews


DO NOT BUY: good sound, but poor durability


Pros: Great sound, the bass in particular.

Cons: Cable is not durable

DO NOT BUY.   The sound, in particular the bass is great. BUT, I've had the cable break at the jack on two pairs within a month of getting each (they were replaced under warranty). I have not abused them or dropped my phone hanging from the cable: it is just poorly designed. This is unacceptable for a $160 pair of phones, when the standard phone ones last longer. DO NOT BUY - unless you only want them for a month.   The cable does connect to another 3.5mm jack at the point the cable splits. This is good, as one can easily replace their hopeless quality cables, but is a bit heavy if you use them for running: the mass of the extra jack tends to pull them out of their ears,...
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More Reviews


A Nice Budget-Friendly Bass-Focused IEM


Pros: EDM friendly, solid aluminum construction, low-tangle low-microphonic cable, plenty of accessories.

Cons: Recessed treble and mids, questionable cord design.

Disclaimer: the DX 160 iE was provided free of charge by Beyerdynamic for review purposes. No monetary exchange or donations were involved throughout the process.               Starting off simply, let’s discuss the accessories that are included in the packaging. For starters, the DX 160 iE comes with a small carrying case that has a gloss-black-on-matte-black screen-printed “Beyerdynamic” logo on one side.  Another inclusion is a small headphone splitter that allows you to share music with friends and a clip to keep the cable attached to a shirt or bag. They also provide 5 pairs of single flange silicon tips in...
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They're great - they're bad - well, they're both....


Pros: Organic and rich mids, strong bass, little to no listening fatigue, PRAT

Cons: COMFORT. Ouch.

My Review of the Beyerdaynamic dx 160ie In Ear Monitors   I will start with the summary / conclusion. This way you get all the important information right away. If you want to know how I came to my conclusion, you can just continue reading. If you don't want to you simply don't have to scroll through a ton of words     Summary   Pros:   - Very nice mids! Organic and full bodied. - Potent bass - Little to no listening fatigue. - PRAT.   So-so:   - Highs: some detail doesn't reach your ear, and sound lacks sparkle. They just don't shine. - Soundstage: Rather intimate and close to the head. Good for some tracks and genres, but I have heard...
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All around performer with excellent bass, great for rock and pop


Pros: Bass extension and impact

Cons: Recessed mids

I received the Beyerdynamic DX 160 and immediately began listening to get a good feel for this brand new IEM. Putting through a variety of genres and some sweeps these are the opinions I formed.   Build Quality: The DX 160 is a well made IEM, the aluminum housings and nozzles mean there is very little risk of these getting crushed or the nozzles breaking off, problems endemic to other IEMs, the flat cable terminates into a 3.5mm that is also the Y connector, which then plugs into another extension. Kind of weird but overall not a problem, somewhat convenient if you have a small DAP that can clip to a collar or sleeve. I really wish the LR indications were slightly more...
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Overall very decent


Pros: Build, Sound

Cons: Long cable, cable microphinics

Originally post 25th April 2014, but turned into a review Review - Beyerdynamic DX 160 iE Many thanks to Beyerdynamic for this opportunity for me to review their latest 'Flagship' In Ear monitors. I have not reviewed anything before, so this will be my first time, please be gentle! Packaging & Accessories I won't bore you with more photos of what has already been seen. The packaging is very well though out, not too large. The supplied accessories 7 Pairs of different Sizes/Styles of Silicone eartips, very comprehensive set of tips, I did find myself trying combinations of 2 or 3 tips to get a good fit. 1 Pair of Comply foam eartips, nice touch. Splitter/adapter, to allow...
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Decent if not a bit Pricy


Pros: BUild Quality, Accessories.

Cons: Price.

Almost a year ago, I reviewed the XP series (XP1, XP2 and XP3) from beyerdynamic, which is sold only in Asia. The company has since introduced a few higher end models, including the DX 160 iE that is going to be reviewed here. Priced at about US$120, is it going to sound double as good as the half-priced XP series?     Spec Driver: Closed Dynamic Impedance: 47ohms Frequency Response: 10Hz ~ 25kHz SPL: 107dB/mW @ 500Hz Cable: 0.9m + 0.3m, 3.5mm stereo plug Weight: 32g       Packaging, Accessories and Build Quality   Packaging is pretty good on the DX 160 iE. It isn’t particularly outstanding, but it isn’t bad in anyway either. It is...
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Audiophile quality sound on a budget!


Pros: Warm balanced sound, great bass extension, excellent selection of accessories/eartips

Cons: extension cable

I'm sure a lot of you are familiar with Beyerdynamic brand (designed and engineered in Germany) and their popular over-ear headphones, considered to be at the top of a lot of audiophile lists. But not a lot of you, including myself, are familiar with their in-ear product line. Though I had an opportunity to review not too long ago one of their flagship Custom One Pro headphones, I was very curious to find out how Beyerdynamic scaled down their legendary bass driven sound to a small in-ear footprint. Here is what I found.   Starting with a packaging box, you get a detailed walk through of the design and functionality, technical specification, and a list of included accessories. Even...
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Excellent Overall Performer


Pros: Superb sound (especially base and highs)

Cons: Isolation without Comply is a bit lacking on the other hand, Comply make isolation a bit to hard

Bought these as was specifically looking for a short cable headphones with decent sound quality and since I have read great reviews about previous models I decided to go for it. Delivered directly from Beyerdynamic in less than a week for 100 EUR + 30 EUR shipping (a bit steep).   I like: - the flat cable (the cable is not as flat is some Monsters, which are to flat for my taste), - design, - comfort (these are the most comfortable pair of headphones, despite their heavy weight - I own Shure SE110, M-Audio IE30s (same as UE SuperFi.5) and a few Sony headphones from diffrent price ranges; none are as comfortable as the Beyer's) - sound (I prefer a bassy sound so the sound is...
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Pros: Well-balanced sound, Clear-sounding, good soundstage, tight bass

Cons: Average Isolation

Stumbled upon this pair of earphones when watching this year's CES videos. Decided to give it a try when I found out that Jaben Singapore had these earphones in stock. It was much better than my MMX 101ies, like, WAY better. The soundstage was noticeably better and the bass is brought slightly forward without losing its tightness as compared to the MMX 101ies. However, I could still hear some ambient noise when putting them on without playing music. The DX 160ie has a well balanced sound. I'll be writing a proper review once I burned in these bad boys :) 
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