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Quite a big sound in a small, but great package.

A Review On: Beyerdynamic DTX 501 p

Beyerdynamic DTX 501 p

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Pros: Very musical sound; great bass;

Cons: Not comfortable for long sessions caused by unreasonable design; Some might find the sound too "heavy", not fun.

This is my first review after lurking around many years on headfi. I decided to write this mainly because I am somehow surprised these go a bit underappreciated on head-fi. But I also understand that because I did not appreciate them enough when i got them.


i got them for a few months but didn't really pay attention...with my full intention to get something as travel backup. But while i was helping a friend find the sound he like i gave it a full run for the first time, with amps, and different music, etc. I have to say i am kinda surprise for a close can of this size, it sounds bigger than i thought it would. 


First thing first: these sounds great.


These IMO are slightly on the warm side. Not really your super charged energetic sound, but not too laid back either. It's lively without running all over the place like some of the cans in this league tend to, and it is quite a all-arounder, (ok if you are a jazz fan you might find the mids are bit too flat, or slightly recessed, but i am hardly expert about jazz). I can appreciate this sound, but I can see some might find it too "dense" or "heavy" and lacks some fun and energy.


Imaging and soundstage is decent for its class, i would well above average but not really the best you can find. Bass is well controlled with a punch, albeit not very fast. For most music is ok, but I can see for some type of music it simply does not have enough attack power. highs are smooth, it brings just the right amount of shine for me, a bit of roll off at the top if you listen hard enough, which I actually like because it removes the fatiguing without altering the sound too much. Mids are pretty smooth on neutral, with the bass and treble it might appear a bit recessed and in the back. Overall, big, musical sound in a small can. I am not entirely sure it is a typical Beyerdynamic sound signautre. In a way the general presentation sounds has that feeling, it leans more on the musical side instead of accurate. For someone are moving from the "fun" sound to the "hi-fi" sound, this may be the right middle ground for the transition.


Design has some issues:


Other aspects i generally do not care all that much, since i only occasionally use on-ear phones. But I do have one complain, is comfort. Don't get me wrong, they are NOT uncomfortable, but for long sessions you definitely will find small small irks will distract you from the great sound, which IMO is a shame. Despite its light weight. the clamping force on the ears is there, Managable, but present, especially when you wear glasses. (again the same thing i would say about all on-ears I've tried so far, my big head to blame lol). The real problem for me it's the padding on headband. they are too simply thin and squishy comparing to competitors, e.g. Sennheisser's PX series. a slight push by the finger get you touch the plastic band already. To make things worse they somehow the padding is even all around, so unless you are the extremely lucky guy who has exactly the same curve as the headband does, all pressure goes to the top of the head, after awhile it definitely becomes noticeable. Obviously not sufficient consideration was given in the design.


Summing up


In general i like these cans a lot, the sound i really really dig, for the price i would say it's top of its class. Throw in the solid case and foldable design, and heck even the metal plate you get there, it's quite a package. I hope one day they come with a better ergonomics design to make it more comfortable, That would make a perfect carry everywhere on-ear.

1 Comment:

This cans has a very good Bass. However, the soundstage is rather small. and lastly, the V shaped sound is very aggressive in this headphone instead of warm, the mids in this headphone is so recessed. In Conclusion, a very highly competitive headphone for the price! I got this for $70 new one.
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