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Beyerdynamic DTX 501 p Reviews


Great Sound for a truly decent price


Pros: Good Bass, Nice compact fold-able design, comfortable, decent mids

Cons: Vocals tend to be muted

I got the Beyerdynamic DTX 501p white at a really great sale and for the price it sounds way better than some other Headphones that are priced higher than it should. The DTX 501p has a good bass and decent range of tones. I can hear the guitar riffs when listening to Indie band Arcade Fire clearly and I can enjoy the solid bass when listening to eDM Groove Aramada. Only little issue I have is when listening to vocals rich music like Adele or Florence and the Machine, the vocals would tend to be a little muted and almost drowned out by the instruments.  But i like it and it is comfortable. A solid portable mobile headphones for the price tag for sure. Good for travels, commuting to...
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Great budget headphones


Pros: Fun energetic sound

Cons: Nothing really for the price

Let's face it, you don't always want to take your best headphone equipment with you when you're out on the street.  Sometimes you need a cheapish pair where it won't be a disaster if they're lost, stolen or damaged.  I'm thinking particularly if you're going out to bars and clubs.  I've lost many a pair of headphones this way (yes I'm learning my lesson...slowly).   If you're in the market for cheap supra-aural headphones you'd be hard pressed to look past Beyer's 501 p.  The build quality is great and they're comfortable for extended listening (and I have sensitive ears when it comes to clamping force).   And to top it off Beyer offers a two year...
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Tetsuro P12

A good headphones after all, just don't expect what a portable headphones can't do.


Pros: Warm sound, decent soundstage for a closed design, good bass, long and thick cable, very good sound isolation, very comfortable, nice solid case.

Cons: Treble rolled off, mids recessed, veiled sound if not properly driven, sound leak, need proper positioning on ears, no remote control, fixed cable.

Warm but dark and a bit veiled sound. On the quiet side (a bit quieter than AKG 430). 2K and 4K frequencies are a bit sacrificed so voices are a bit muted and shady. Mine suggestion is to boost the 1K band with +1 dB, 2K with +2 dB, 4K with +2 dB and the 8K band with +1 dB. Can be driven loud (given a proper amplification) since it has a very low distortion.   I needed to amplify mine collection to 100 dB with MP3Gain to have a decent sound pressure with the current smartphone. I think they lose roughly 3 dB to the AKG 430.   At start I was very disappointed but comparing them with an old pair of AKG 430 I didn't find them worse, just different. The AKG are brighter and more...
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Your friend on the go.


Pros: VERY fun sounding yet still detailed, sweet mid, solid and punchy bass when needed, comfortable earpads, housing looks cool enough

Cons: Earpads may be too shallow/thin, could use more power in highs, looks cheap, funny design, asymmetrical clamp

This is my first review on head-fi and this is only my second week on having this pair, but I'll try to cover as much as I can. I am a newbie on this stuff (not planning to be audiophile) and also I hail from being a fan of Audio-Technica (I have ATH-SJ55 and love it), so you know my position. I would also like to compare it with the DT 1350 I've recently tried. Still, I am far from being an expert and this review may contain many mistakes I would like to correct when I got my hands on more high-end pieces. CMIIW.   I will start with an overview and the moment I got my hands on these. Opening the box, the set only comes with the pair in a semi-hard case as I expected. Since the...
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Having suffered with IEMs I finally decided to try these light, portable headphones.. so happy I did!


Pros: Comfort, Sound Quality, Portability

Cons: at this price point, not many

Having suffered using various IEMs, I finally decided to try these light, portable headphones as an alternative and I'm so happy I did!   These phones are incredibly light with little clamping pressure, which makes them very comfortable for extended listening sessions.    The sound quality is surprisingly good given how cheap and flimsy they look. Well done, Beyerdynamic, the bass extension is solid and there's a decent mid range with somewhat rolled off treble. For $80 you really couldn't complain about these phones. Perfect for travel and listening on the go, which is exactly what I use them for every day!    They come with a...
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Quite a big sound in a small, but great package.


Pros: Very musical sound; great bass;

Cons: Not comfortable for long sessions caused by unreasonable design; Some might find the sound too "heavy", not fun.

This is my first review after lurking around many years on headfi. I decided to write this mainly because I am somehow surprised these go a bit underappreciated on head-fi. But I also understand that because I did not appreciate them enough when i got them.   i got them for a few months but didn't really pay attention...with my full intention to get something as travel backup. But while i was helping a friend find the sound he like i gave it a full run for the first time, with amps, and different music, etc. I have to say i am kinda surprise for a close can of this size, it sounds bigger than i thought it would.    First thing first: these sounds great. ...
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Excellent portable closed headphones for the price


Pros: Decent bass for the size, very comfortable, nice isolation, folding design.

Cons: Slightly rolled off highs. Closed in, minimal soundstage

Headphone inventory: Current: Sennheiser HD580, Alessandro MS1 Past: Sennheiser px200, Koss KSC75   I've recently moved cities/job, and have started walking 30minutes to commute through a busy city centre. I used to have the Sennheiser px200 for a similar purpose when I rode the subway, and I remember it doing a nice job. I wasn't too keen to stick IEMs into my ears, so I looked for a portable, closed headphone.   Although the px200 had a beautiful, mellow mid range that was amazing with saxophones, it was hampered by a recessed bass which was frustrating to listen to at times, hence I chose not to go for the new edition px200ii.   I considered 2...
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REVIEW: Beyerdynamic DTX 501 p (vs. Philips Citiscape Downtown)


Pros: Sturdy Case Included, Balanced, Bass, Clear Vocals/Highs, no sound leakage

Cons: Distortion at High Volumes, Slightly fragile feeling, Plain Style, Moderate Sound Isolation

Hello Head-Fiers, Before I get into my review of the Beyerdyamic DTX 501 p I’ll tell you a bit about myself and where I’m coming from.  I’m a newbie to this site and I’m far from calling myself an expert in these matters but I have listened to a lot of headphones and speakers recently and I know what I like.  I’ve  a been a music-lover all my life and in recent years, a budget computer audiophile. Why The DTX 501 P? I’ve mostly owned IEM for my everyday commute around the cyit (shure, denon, klipsch).  Over years IEM’s got beat up and full ear wax over time and I was tired of replacing them.  I thought I’d give headphones a try but I did not want to...
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