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A Review On: Beyerdynamic DT990 Premium 250 Ohm

Beyerdynamic DT990 Premium 250 Ohm

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Wake up Neo
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Pros: High and detailed sound quality, Large soundstage, Good bass, Comfortable open headphones

Cons: Quite strong treble for some people, slight issues with build

I have only just started using the headphones a few days ago but I really recommend them. The sound quality has been excellent out of the box, as I am still wearing them in, but so far very impressive.

The sound stage is considerably wider and easier to distinguish different instruments or 'layers' to the music. They are also great for gaming, detailing the exact locations of enemies and allowing me to hear echoes and high pitched sounds that i never heard before.

I have two slight issues with the build...One is where the cables come out of each side into the headband. The cable comes out of the speaker and if you rotate the cups to far the metal hooks press into the soft rubber part of the cable where it comes out..if these accidently rotate too far they would snap the rubber cabling...The cable ends could have easily had a small plastic stopper beside them to prevent this issue..I am been very careful as to not snag these cables when removing or placing the phones on my head.

The cable that comes out the bottom is also solid attached, so if this detiorates over time it isnt easy to replace, and it has no quick release if i snag it. Those are my only two concerns about build...the cables should have been better protected and easier to user replace..though they do stress that every part of these headphones is replaceable..that would inevitably mean a 4 week wait and expensive charges IF anything did go wrong.

Comfort wise..these things excel. I wanted something open i could wear for hours gaming and they are not letting me down. The pads are soft and open, and the clamping force is quite low overall. The headband has soft memory foam covered in faux leather and feels very nice.

After several hours wearing I had slight pressure on one side of my jaw but much less than any other headphones I've tried.


build issues ? really :O
Those cans are sturdy but the do have some build issues. I hate the earcup adjustment.
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