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Lots of bass & treble, not for everyone

A Review On: Beyerdynamic DT990 Premium 250 Ohm

Beyerdynamic DT990 Premium 250 Ohm

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Pros: Bass, clarity, soundstage, comfort, build quality

Cons: Sibilant, mids

Build quality is very good, they do feel "premium". The finish doesn't attract fingerprints which is nice.


Comfort is good, you do feel the headband putting a slight pressure the head after a longer session, but it's not bothersome. The velour pads are nice and the ears do not get warm.


The sound signature is very V-shaped. They have a lot of bass especially for an open headphone. It's a quite weird experience at first to get this much bass and have the quite large soundstage and bright treble, all at the same time. At first I really liked the sound, but after a longer listening session problems start to become more obvious. The bass does overshadow the quite weak midrange, it's not that apparent with all songs but quite so with others. The treble, while being really crisp and clear, can get quite fatiguing after some time especially if you want to crank the volume up. The sound is also very sibilant, any existing sibilance in the material will be reproduced and probably even a bit amplified. Some like this, others can't stand it.


If you don't mind bright treble and sibilance, and want a quite unique and "fun" sound with lots of bass, yet airy and open, then these are a great option. If you want a balanced soundsignature that performs well with everything, you probably want to reconsider. I'd consider them working well with pop, electronics, metal.


It has a sharp treble spike that is pretty odd, it's a turn off. I was really displeased with the bass on these, it was just OK, but I expected better. If you are happy with it though that is good. Maybe try the PRO version out sometime?
have the pro version, female vocals on the pro version also sound harsh... and yes the pros also have quite a bit of bass, clarity is good too, kinda like what spittis said in his review...
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