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Suits my particular taste both in signature and music genres.

A Review On: Beyerdynamic DT990 Premium 250 Ohm

Beyerdynamic DT990 Premium 250 Ohm

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Pros: Slight "V" signature (which I like), Excellent bass extension & soundstage. Great for Rock-N-Roll & Watching Movies.

Cons: Can be slightly fatiguing to some on the high end if not properly amped.

I'm in a situation where I generally can't try out headphones before making a purchase so I really have to do my research; and I did a ton before deciding on these.


I wanted a an "open" over the ear headphone with a large soundstage lots of detail and good bass extension. I wouldn't call myself a "basshead" but I know that I also don't care for cans that don't have any bass punch. My initial "wants" brought the 990's right into the picture.


I tend to listen to mostly Rock-N-Roll, some pop and a lot of alternative and electronic from the 60's-80's. Modern is mostly hard rock with some pop (Yes I pretty much skipped most of the 90's crap). Also toss in some Classical. I'm open to most forms of music except..........country!


I also watch a LOT of movies. My Go-To's are my Pioneer DIR 1000 IR wireless Dolby Headphones.....they are still kicking it after 11 years of regular use. The 990's however add a whole another level of bass the equation while only giving up a smidge of soundstage (always seems to be the case).


Mostly I wear them while working from my home office. I just ripped my entire CD collection into FLAC (after getting the 990's).


A lot of people mention recessed mid's but to me the mids are there just fine. They just tend to be slightly overshadowed by the nice bass and crystal treble. I did end up paring these with the Bravo Audio Ocean tube amp and I must say they are an excellent compliment to the 990's. Softens the treble just enough and adds a touch of warmth to a very detailed headphone.......perfect! 


These do need amplification.....you won't be happy with them until you do. I tried them straight out of my PC when I got them and I started to wonder if I had made a mistake. But a DAC and amp took away any qualms I might have had......instantly.


Next on my hit list is a nice over the ear "closed" set........and right now I'm eyeing the NAD Visio HP50's.


Whoa, here's a suprise for you. For about half the price of what you paid you could have gotten the DT 990  Pro 250 ohm >.> Beyer charges a ton for their "preium" models. Why I don't know 
Great Headphone and definitely +1 on the Ocean pairing.  Bought the 990's first and then got the Ocean to smooth the treble as well.  I swear it also brings out the mids a bit.  Anyway, good pairing for sure.  
Side note on the Ocean...seems like my Superlux HD681s benefit even more than the 990s do from the pairing.
Not a surprise at all about the Pro's. I knew all about them. I just really like the aesthetics and the fit (less clamp) of the premiums.
The Bravo Ocean is truly underrated in my opinion. For $115 I don't think anything else can touch it.
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